Google Home $70 $75


Google home at Lowes for $99 10% off for My Lowes members (If you’ve made an internet purchase your probably already a member if not it’s a simple sign up)
Use $15 off $50 coupon to drop it to $75
Get another $5 back from TopCashBack to make it $70 (referral link)

10% off for My Lowes members ends 12 EDT

(Benji) #2

$15 off $100 is $85 not $75, still, if you can stack everything up, it’s a great deal regardless.


Don’t forget the 10% off for My Lowes members. Theres the other ten.

Edit: Not 10 its $8.50 10% after the coupon. So tempted to get another.

(Benji) #4

I’m struggling to find a $15 off coupon that’s not already been used :S


Try these:

I generated 5 and the first one worked for me.

It ended up being $80.xx after tax.

I’m excited to try it out :slight_smile:


So much better for info the Alexa. I use it mostly for pulling info from the web i.e. Asking questions. The Echos are used for communication, home control and a few skills like Automatic connected car.

When it’s quiet GH can hear a fly fart from 50 yards.

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #7

I installed a Google skill in my echo… Now I just say, Alexa, all Google…

(Jimmy) #8

linky pow me. I installed it forever ago and it broke at some point.


I picked up a second one as well.

Even better is to add a $1 filler and use a $20 off $100 coupon. :slight_smile:



Great Thanks! I thought they had expired. I looked for a new code but no luck;
I just picked on up for $75.84-$4.95 TCB . $74.89 for a GH How could I resist getting a second one.


OK Seems they didn’t cut it off at 12 EDT like they do with the coupons. At $75 a pop I went back and ordered 2 more. Never to early to Christmas shop.

(Michelle) #12

This. Seriously. Our test case GH is in the bathroom (Echo/Dots everywhere else). I can talk to Google Assistant on my phone in the next room around a corner and GH activates. This is in contrast to the Alexas which sometimes act like petulant teenagers with selective hearing. Plus I can talk to GH with my nightguard in and it still understands my slurred speech.

Now if they’d just add an “add a reminder to Inbox” function (and allowed custom wake phrases), I’d happily replace all the Alexas. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll move the girls to closets and the laundry room. Voice control everywhere!

(Realy Living Dream) #13

Looks like the extra 10% ended at 1am ET. I was checking out & it disappeared in the final confirmation. I went back & changed my store to one in.CA, but I couldn’t get the extra $8 off back.