$30 off Google Home from Google store for first time shopper

Use promo code THIRSTY2 or KITCHEN2 at checkout.



Awesome! Just used bought my 2nd Hub and used the promo code. You only need to be a “new shopper” of the Google express service, not a new Google shopper.
Try the 3 month trial for free shipping and save the shipping charge. Just don’t forget to cancel it after you get your Google Home Hub.


I’ve been waiting for another deal on these. First one. I am interested in how I like it compared to the Echo.

My GH seem to understand me better. Rarely have I asked it to do something it should and it didn’t. Alexa’s gone deaf it think. If it’s playing music it’s useless for anythings else. I have to scream commands from 3 foot away if the volume is over level 3. GH hear’s me w/o a problem when Alexa is playing at level 3. GH seems to be quicker too. Less delay from command to action.
There’s no doubt that GH can answer many more questions than AE. GH has a cpl nifty skills but nothing near the number of semi useful apps/skills AE has.

Yeah, what’s up with Alexa? She used to hear me so well, now I have to yell at her.

I have not done the Alexa voice training. Has anyone tried this? Does it help?

Thought these were $100…$30 off $130 isn’t a good deal, got mine for $78 with tax. BB showed it as normal priced at $100.

They were $100 at holiday time, they were always $130 MSRP. The Visa Checkout discount at Best Buy actually wasn’t even supposed to work for these.

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No way I’d pay 100 or 130, but then both my full size Echo’s only cost me $100 (“beta” group) and $80…so I guess I’ve gotten myself spoiled.

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