Google Home Hub deals

Google Home Hub + 2 Home Mini for $99 @ Target

Google Home Hub for $79.20 @ Google Express
Best Buy / BuyDig / Electronic Express via Google Express for New Google Express Customers: Google Home Hub w/ Google Assistant on sale for $99 - 20% Off with code HOLIDAY18 = $79.20 . Shipping is free .

Note @Ryan780 has found you need to select Electronic Express to get the offer

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JKP You really know how to screw up a guys budget.


I try my best :wink:

The code didn’t work for me. I’ve never bought anything from google express before. Wonder what’s up with that?

Try scroll down and select the google home hub

NM… the price is higher there

But Thanks! I’ve wanted to get the Google hub but couldn’t justify it. $100 and I can Craigslist the 2 minis for $20 each easily made it a no brainer. Thanks again.

Ah, you have to make sure you pick Electronic Express as the seller on the right. Anything else won’t give you the 20% discount. Mine defaulted to Best Buy for some reason.

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And it’s sold out. I missed completing my order. :frowning:

Went in store at Target today and was still able to do this deal.

Trying to decide if worth switching my echo, 2 dots, ring doorbell, and fire stick to the google side of the line. If not, I’ll return or resell. we

YoutubeTV users - look for an email with code to get a Google Nest Hub for $49

I retired my Google Home Mini a while ago since I have so many Echo devices, but for $49…


Also debating/inner turmoil. I have a Google/nest home hub and 2 minis, but the rest of my house (3 devices) is echo. With the echo show 5 coming out, may need to switch to have that better integration with my ring doorbell.

Does anyone find that one system responds faster than the other?
I find that the Echo is much quicker to trigger a device than the Google HH.

I keep the Google around if i need a answer to something and to lazy to pick up the phone.
With Google being more search engine based I’m more like to get an answer compared to Echo’s skilled based system.

Anyone have a code they don’t need?

I felt the echo dots worked better than the google minis. The google frequently complains about recognizing my voice and wouldn’t create reminders. I rely on google calendar and reminders, wish there was a way to create a google reminder from echo.

A few tests with the home hub it turns on my hue living scene very quickly.

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Our experience is the exact opposite. All of our Alexa devices have been demoted to just kitchen timers or the couple of skills ( Like MyFord) that aren’t available for GA. 99% of our voice command HA has been with GA.
Only real complaint with GA over Alexa is that devices can only be in 1 room, whereas the can be in multiple groups in Alexa.


An entire home group yes, but you can’t have 2-3 groups of lights in a room, also have a room & also have them in the upstairs or downstairs group.
With Alexa in the kitchen we have sink lights group ( 2 lights) , counter lights ( 3 lights) stove lights ( 2 lights) as well as kitchen lights ( all 7 lights) or you can call them out individually and they are also in the downstairs group and the house group.