Lots of random issues with new App

I migrated a month or so ago and have had lots of random issues. One, I’ll walk into an area and find random lights on - for no reason in the middle of the day. This never happened with old app. Second and most important if I open the new app to control something all I get many times is a little “Cloud” icon in the corner of the app and no ability to control it. I often get “No internet” and wait minutes to get control. The other night it was late and I wanted to take some garbage out. I have Security auto enabled at a certain time and had to struggle for close to 5 minutes just to disable it.

Often I go to the old app and do things since thy are not available on the new one , just the “cloud” icon and a notice it’s unavailable. At this point I’m considering loading the old app on an old phone and just using that. The old system was not perfect but at least it worked reliably.

You could pretty much change the name of this whole community to the title of your post right now.

The only caveat it it isn’t just the app. On the backend, presence and automations are randomly unreliable, and the future of current SmartApps is murky at best.

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