Philips Hue integration broken?

I have a Hue hub what has been connected to ST since January. Recently I noticed that all Hue bulbs are displayed as disconnected but they all can still be controlled by ST. I restarted Hue and ST hubs, without any change.
Then I noticed that the Hue connection is not there any longer in ST.
Does anyone have an idea what happened? I definitely didn’t delete it and nobody else has access.

Any way to regain access except reconnecting all lights and rebuild all automations?

I haven’t had any issues with mine. Have you tried using the community’s Hue Advanced Connect device type, and seeing if that makes a difference?

I am not sure, but the super lan connect might have taken over for the Hue connect. Have you gone to your thing list and try to add a thing and see if the hub comes up?

You are up against the ‘perfect’ storm. SuperLan + 3.3.5 mobile update…(try disabling the device health)

Had the same problem over the weekend. Arrived home, and had to restart the Hue hub twice before it reconnected. Then all the commands I’d issued during testing all executed one after other! Quite psychedelic…

I didn’t try community DT.
I switched off device health, didn’t help either.
There was an Android app update this week and after update I had the Hue hub back in “Setup Needed” state. Done that and bulbs are now back to active state.

Thank you all.

This may not be the direct answer to the question posted : SmartThings has released a direct Cloud to Cloud integration for Hue
This would mean that users who don’t have a SmartThings hub, they can on-board their hue integration directly with all the key functionalities.
A hue bridge is required.
This integration can be found under - SmartThings app home page > tap on “+”> Tap on Add device> Philips Hue brand > Tap on Lights > Tap on “Philips Hue without SmartThings Hub”

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Please delete your post: it is way off topic for this thread, which is about an integration problem for those who do have a smartthings hub. Your comment refers to people who are using smartthings in a “hub optional” configuration, and those people will not have the problem which is being discussed in this thread.

I noticed this is the fourth time you have posted essentially the same post into any thread that had “hue” in the title. This is a very active forum and people run many different configurations of smartthings. Please read the first post in each thread carefully, not just the topic title, before posting in order to make sure that your comment will be on topic for that particular thread. Thank you.