Arlo Pro vs Ring Door Bell Pro: problems, solutions and opinions

The Arlo (Pro) integration with Smartthings has been a bit quirky. I had my cams in “Smartthings mode”, in the Arlo App, and it kept resetting the camera names to the serial numbers and turning on sound detection…over and over. Very Annoying! The video in the ST didn’t work very often, it says “Beta” so you really need to go to the Arlo App to look at your vids. There is also about a 3-4 second delay, before it starts recording, after detecting

The Fix: I now just use the “Armed” Mode in the Arlo app, and it does two things. The motion detection is now almost immediate, and the Sound detection doesn’t keep turning itself on. It IS still turning off my one Arlo cam (not a Pro), everytime it records something, no clue why?
I do have one camera that keeps going office. To reset it I’ve had to go up the ladder about every 2-3 days, open it, remove and replace battery, then it works fine again. Pain in the keister. I got a WiFi range extender adn moved the Arlo Hub about 12 ft closer to the camera in question, but it is still doing it. The camera has 3 “bars” which shows good signal. Still fooling with this. Got a new Pro camera, to see if it is a hardware issue. Also got outdoor power cables,but that didn’t really help. Still had to remove battery.

The good news is the “alerts” still work in ST, and the separate Motion detector I have will still initiate the Arlo Pro recording, so it is already “taping” when the car or person comes into view/

Ring Doorbell Pro: Had a Chime (came as a kit) to extend range and as a “doorbell” Would only record for 30 seconds before stopping, even if someone was standing right in front of it. Finally had to call tech support. Had to switch Motion Alerts to “frequent”. This is not explained anywhere. Now it records for as long as there is motion.
Problem 2: Video is choppy and I miss events because of it. My Doorbell and the Chime both say signal is good? The good news is I have it hardwired and no going up and down a ladder.
Problem #3: The video quality is poor, esp compared to the Arlo. The Ring Pro is supposed to be 1080p HD, but it is washed out and sure doesn’t look liker 1080 to me.

I hope this helped someone. I’ve sure fiddled with it a lot. If I had to do it over, I’d skip the Ring Pro and just put an Arlo Pro on my front porch.

I use Geofence with my arlos and then use Core to extend functionality. Works great.

Is the Ring Pro connecting to 5ghz or 2.4ghz wifi? (5 ghz should be used for the best video quality.) I ended up installing a 5ghz wifi extender close to my front door to maintain the best possible wifi signal to the Ring Pro.

It’s 2.4ghz. I have an extender in the form of the Chime Pro, but it didn’t help. I did a test of the connect speeds, for Ring support, of my WiFi at my router, and at the doorbell (door closed) and they are well within parameters, so it is interference of some sort, from something else. I put my Arlo Pro next to the door bell and it was fine.