Looking for successful viable instructions on how to fix a problem (Visonic MCT-340 E)

Hi Matt,

Yes I have a v2 hub. I had loads of problems with the change DTH method, got some working after numerous resets. With the added fingerprint to a tyco copy everything was easy to setup. Probably some good explenation to this but havent tried to dig deeper.


This is exactly correct. You can then install as many as you want and they will pop right up each time you make them discoverable.

Hi Tomas can you help me with my Bosch motion detector is not working properly the motion lights are not staying on

Thanks again for any help

Hi John, im not sure that they should stay on, I think you only see the lights during setup: pairing and walking test. They are very useful during walking test to see the coverage and to sync the pir and the radar. At least mine work like that. Don’t know if there is a setting that can control the light s after the initial phases are done. I will check tonight if I can find anything to shed some light :smiley: on this topic.

HI Tomas

Any luck with the lights on the motion detector

Hi John, sorry forgot to answer you on this. Yeah I found in the material that was provided with the detector that the LEDs are off in normal operation. Here is a link to the manual, check normal operation https://fccid.io/document.php?id=2112739.

HI Tomas
I’m trying to use your new code for the bosch motion detector battery issue but I am having trouble with it It keeps giving me errors on line 20 can you please send me a copy of the code just the paste in portion of it

Thank you

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Hi John,

Here is a link to the code: Bosch DTH

The link will take you to the latest version of the DTH which includes the battery fix for the WP13 Bosch PIR

HI Tomas

I’ve entered the new bosch program but still shows 1% on the battery any ideas

Thanks again for your help


Hi John,

Make sure you have published the new code. Then try to hit refresh and trigger motion. Even if the DTH has been updated the battery reading will only update when you get a battery report which is seldom.

I have a v2 hub and had to use tette’s code as well. Changing to Tyco did nothing for me. I tried it that way about 5 or 6 times. Tette’s worked on the first try.


Thanks so much for this @tette. Tried various things over a couple of days and this finally did the trick!

Nice job on here. Just got a batch of these tonight from MyDigitalDiscount.

However, I ran across this thread because i was looking for a way to “reverse” the Open/Close reporting. But, did not find anything. I have a situation (manual garage rollup door) where the only thing i could do was mount rare earth magnets on the side of the door and the sensor on the top of the track. This let me better cover the sensor as well since the door never opens to the exact same spot. So, I copied and modified your device handler code to report the “opposites”. So if the magnet was near the sensor it reported “Open” and if the magnets were away from the sensor it reported “Closed”.

Not sure if this would be handy for anyone else, but basically all i changed was the Definition/name value to show “reverse” on line 19:

definition (name: "Visonic Door/Window Sensor Reverse",

and then flipped the names/color settings on lines 47/48:

			attributeState "open", label: 'Closed', icon: "st.contact.contact.closed", backgroundColor: "#00A0DC" 
			attributeState "closed", label: 'Open', icon: "st.contact.contact.open", backgroundColor: "#e86d13"

Not sure if thats something you want to edit in yours Tomas, and publish a “Reverse” github code (i didnt publish mine, its just a copy of yours). But thought i’d share what I ran into.

EDIT: Or, even better, make it so under the “Configuration” options on the device itself, be able to toggle between the two (more complicated - but better user experience).

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Worked perfectly for me, thank you!!

Modifying the type to “Tyco Door/Window Sensor” worked for me - it recognizes Open/Close states; however, how do I add the sensor to the security, i.e. arming/disarming, so it would notify me if a specific sensor is open?

For those who are unable to make it work with custom DTH on SmartThings v1 hub, it is possible that the issue is caused by the radio signal interference between zigbee and your wi-fi. Try out the following - as it was the only thing that resolved my issue after multiple days of debugging.

Refer to this post to figure out which Wi-FI channel may be causing interference with your zigbee signals - FAQ: Networking and Reducing Channel interference between WiFi and Zigbee. The v1 hub operates at fixed zigbee channel and you can see the channel by viewing the status of your hub once logged into the dev account. For v1 hubs, these zigbee channels can’t be changed, so best option is to change your wi-fi channel. For me, zigbee channel was 20 and wi-fi was 11. So had to change wi-fi to channel 1 and immediately the problem was resolved.

Anybody having issues with the reported batter levels? When I first set these up, I think they started at a level a bit below 100% (maybe 91% or so?) But now (about 3 months later) I have 1 that is -11% (it’s inside my freezer, so I’ll give it a pass…) and another that is -22%. I’m wondering if that’s typical.

I created a new DTH that seems to work so far. How often are you getting a temp reading. I seem to get an update when the temp changes at least two degrees.

I changed over to the Tyco DH and now my batteries are all showing positive (or zero for the one in the freezer.)

The temperature only updates when the temperature changes. Usually it’s a couple degrees at a time, but I have seen it update for a 1 degree change. Incidentally, it never reports less than 1 degree, even when the temperature goes below 0.

If you are interested I can pm you my DTH. Since I have combined a few of them it has a high low function and a voltage adjustment for the batteries. However mine is only for temperature. I do not show open close function