Looking for recommendations on a reliable motion sensor that runs locally

Hi all,

I’m looking for a motion sensor to use in my basement to control the room lights, which are Hue lights. I would use the Hue motion sensor as it works very well in the other areas I have it, but I wanted to also leverage WebCoRE with it as well. Since the Hue sensors aren’t capable of being a device in ST, I need to look elsewhere.

What locally-run motion sensors would you recommend? I’m open to a straight motion sensor or even a multi-sensor that may do temp, humidity, etc.

Ah, but it is. :slight_smile:
I have one that is connected direct to ST.
You will have to dis-associate it with your hue hub though and as it uses a custom DH, it will not run locally.

Sorry, I’m confused. :disappointed_relieved: You know webcore itself cannot run locally, right? The only thing that can run locally is smartlights and a little bit of smart home monitor. Even routines don’t run locally.

So if you’re saying that you want a motion sensor that will use a device type handler that will run locally so that you can sometimes control it with smart light (for local operation) and sometimes control it with webcore (which will be cloud operation), then that’s fine, I just wanted to be sure we were answering the right question.

Here’s the list of device type handlers which are eligible to run locally:

As long as you use one of those DTHs with your device, then it’s available to run locally with smartlights.

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Iris runs local

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@JDRoberts, sorry, I should have clarified! Yes, I want to run the motion with SmartLighting to turn the lights ON with motion. However, turning the lights off, I will leverage WebCoRE and some extra logic to help determine if the room is occupied or not. I want the Smart Lighting to run locally so there are minimal latency issues in regards to lighting the space upon initial motion.

@Automated_House, how are the Iris sensors? I have a bunch of Hue lights so I think that would help with the Zigbee mesh? Otherwise, everything else I have is Z-wave…

Mydigitaldiscount had a sale recently on Bosch motion sensors. You need the Bosch device handler to pair them with SmartThings, but after they are paired you can switch them to the SmartSense motion DTH and they run locally and work fine.

They’re my favorite. React quickly, pair easily and run local. And can be had pretty cheap when on sale. Your hue mesh unfortunately won’t help.

Hue lights connected to the Hue bridge form their own mini network and will not repeat for any of your other devices.


I second the Iris Motion sensors. I have 15 of them in my system. The enerwave ceiling mounted zwave motion sensors are really nice as well. A royal PIA to pair, but once they are online they never glitch. I have had 3 for over a year that are awesome. They also look like a smoke detector so they aren’t noticed.

Both devices will run local in ST.

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Darn! I just realized that the Iris sensors aren’t pet immune. Considering I do have pets, that might be a deal breaker.

@bamarayne Can you adjust the Sensitivity of the Enerwave ones? Or do I need to look towards the Ecolink?


For those with the Lowes Iris sensors, or any motion for that matter, does keeping it Chest/Head height really work at preventing pets from setting it off? Also, what about putting some sort of tape across the bottom sphere? I keep wanting to go with the Lowes one but I’m wondering how many false alarms I’ll get.

Iris are definitely not pet immune. As far as mounting chest high, mine are all mounted above the windows which is about 8 feet, much higher than the average chest. I get the evil eyes from the 8lb :cat2: if she walks into the room and the lights don’t come on.
It is amusing to watch the cat walk into the kitchen, look up at the lights. Then turn around look at me, look at the lights again, then back up a step or two. Walk back into the room, stare up at the lights, turn and look at me" hey A’hole the lights aren’t working" and just sit down in the doorway.


Thanks for the response! So it seems like I should be able to mount them in a way where they will not pickup the cats/dogs

The enerwave sensors are adjustable and work really well.

for my Iris sensors, I just use a piece of non-transparent tape across the bottom half of the sensor. then it only detects things above floor level.

I picked up the Iris motion sensor last night. Even at about 6.5’ off the ground, it was picking up my dogs (~50lbs). I then did the tape trick. All I had was the ‘frosted’ scotch tape. I gave that a shot and it was a success! For the most part, about 90% of the time, the motion sensor is working exactly how I want. I’ll work on random tweaks at a later date. For now though, I’ll call is a success!


The iris sensors sound great!

I did a quick Google search and I see they are available for around £27 in the UK, does anyone know anywhere they are available cheaper?

Does anyone know of the monoprice 4 in 1 sensors are able to run locally using a different device handler?

I think they might with the z-wave motion sensor device type, but then you lose access to the lux and humidity readings