Which sensor for motion and lux (UK) 2016

Hi all, and thank you for a great community. Just bought my first ST (V2). (Europe)
I have a hallway in the basement where I have installed Philips Hue. But I would like the lamps to power on by motion AND ONLY if it is dark. So I guess I need a motion sensor with lux.

Could you please recommend me with one that has fast detection and is reliable?

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I use these. They are the size of a golf ball, roughly, and mine (4) have been working faultlessly.


For cloud based applications, Fibaro is my favorite. But if you want local processing (although currently using the lux restriction disqualifies the Smart Lighting instance from running locally) I prefer Aeon Labs gen 5 sensors. (based on US experience)


Hi Bobby,

What do you mean with local processing? I thought everything ST did went to the cloud to be processed?

Not everything, but not familiar with how things work across Atlantic. Some Smart Lighting instances and parts of SHM run local, as long as ALL devices are eligible (most zigbee and zwave - no LAN connected devices, like a Hue bridge).

You can read more about local processing starting here and then follow the thread mentioned in this post:

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Thank you Bobby. Did not know that. I am still awaiting my ST so I am just trying to gather a bit of info.
I really like the Aeon 6 sensor since it also has humidty sensor.
Would this be a good sensor for my purpose? It is also a bit cheaper for me than the Fibaro.

Hmmm. From looking online, the Fibaro is about £8 cheaper.
You are right about the humidity though.

Funny, must be because you are looking at providers in USA?
On Amazon.co.uk Fibaro is 50GBP and Aeon 6 is 40GBP

As most people here say, the fibaro one works great.
In hallways or places where lux is not important I do find the SAMSUNG SmartThings Motion Sensor as the one with best response.
However, we are talking small differences.