Need fast motion sensor

So I have a few SmartThings Motion Sensor, but they are soooooooooo slow at detecting movements. It is fine for me in some rooms, but not in rooms that I need detection to be fast. I searched around and many people recommend the Iris by Lowe’s. However, those are no longer available, so I am looking for an alternative. I am from Canada.

Which model SmartThings sensor do you have? Their newest one is pretty quick for me. Also, where do you have the rule/automation setup?

Their newest one too. It takes 2-3 seconds to detect anything. I have my rules in the Smart Lights smartapp, so I am guessing they are local? How can I tell? They seem even slower with custom automations but maybe that is just me.

I have two of the new SmartThings motion sensors, and they are lightning fast for me. I have one of them auto turn on a Hue light strip in my sons closet, and even though I am using HueBSmart (so cloud based, not local) it turns in less than one second after motion is detected.

I also have one in the garage that turns on the lights through Wemo, which is also cloud based. That is also lightning fast (although not as fast as Hue as I think the cloud with Wemo is not as fast).

But the local motion events are definitely faster than 2-3 seconds in my experience.

Hmm, when I go to the smartthings ide and look in location -> smartapps, it says cloud. I am guessing that’s why. How can I force the rules for my hue and sensors to run locally?

Edit… Figured it out. Scenes running cloud.