ST Motion Sensor. What Device handler?

I have a couple of ST motion sensors and I know these can run locally with the Smart Lighting app.
So I thought I would use this for my simple automations.
This is where my confusion starts.
The current device handler I am using is SmartSense Motion Sensor.
When I look at my local devices in the ide no ST motion sensors appear.
So I changed the DH to SmartSense Motion and sure enough the device now appears in the local devices.
Sorted you may say.
When there is motion I see it in my app using the SmartSense Motion Sensor but NOT if I use the SmartSense Motion DH.
So although the first one works it does not run locally. The second does not work, but does run locally.

@Aaron @tslagle13

That’s Slagle’s old community handle before he was hired by SmartThings. The one you want is @slagle

Ah. Thanks. Must admit I had seen both and did wonder why there was 2.

Using custom DH code can cause some of the things you are seeing with local execution. It is harder than you might expect to move from the cloud to local and back again. Please reach out to support if some of your devices aren’t local and they should be able to help you.

These are not custom DH codes though.
These are stock DH’s

Yes, but not all are allowed to run locally so changing them can run into some havoc. Support will be able to help.