Need motion sensor suggestions

I purchased a bunch of Hue motion sensors to use with Smartthings (using Out of the four I have, one I could never get working, one works great, and two of them stop working after a few weeks.

Each time one stops working I have to delete it and re-pair it and it works again for a few weeks.

What I really like about the Hue motion sensors is the magnet mount which is really nice. But at this point I’d love some better options.

I have so many of these I’ve lost track. These are Iris sensors and they’re new. Several folks here also purchased the contact sensors. These guys must have bought up any left over inventory after Lowes shut down Iris:

These are incredibly reliable and I have never had one fail. They’re tiny, fast, report temp, and have a nicely angled back for mounting in corners.

This one from Ecolink has recently peaked my interest ever since I got they’re contact sensors. It’s a little pricey ($40), especially compared to the Iris. The Ecolink says pet immune, but I can’t say how well that works.

Hey there @kirkbauer,

If you are looking for Motion Sensors, I would suggest checking out the Smartthings Motion Sensor.

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I hope this message finds you well!


The two I referenced run local as well since they use stock ST dth’s. The Iris sensor does for sure.