Looking for Energy Usage based Switch

Does this already exist? I’m looking for an app to switch off/on a switch based on current energy consumption. Something like:

If this Power Meter reports below this number, switch off this switch. Or vice versa.

Use case: I have a humidifier that when it runs out of water it stops the motor, but still consumes some energy. I would like to notice when it is in the lower energy mode and switch it off.


There is a Laundry App floating around that does what you are asking. Take a look and see if it is what you are looking for.


Continuing the discussion from Laundry Monitor:

Be careful thought, many people myself included have had poor luck with using powerMeter as an event handler. It doesn’t seem to update frequently enough. I had to wrap my version of Laundry Monitor within Pollster to get it to check for power in intervals. It goes against the core of SmartApp authoring but it gets the job done.

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Thanks for the advice. I do have pollster running on my meter and so far the activity log appears like it is doing its job. I’ll keep watch.

Thanks also @chaospup for the pointer to use laundry monitor.

Yea unfortunately I had to quite grotesquely put my logic in one of the poll() routines. I think a cleaner way would be to call my handler as a subroutine, I think I’ll modify it that way soon.