Replacement for Laundry Monitor

Has anyone seen a replacement for Laundry Monitor? My wife used it all the time, and it died with the Groovy transition.

It was a pretty simple app that monitored when power usage went above 10w or so and then sent a text message when it went below that.

I cannot figure out how to code it in Sharptools either as it is a bit more complex than just sending a notification when usage is below a certain wattage.

That should be pretty straightforward in SharpTools. Create a True/False variable to track if the washer is on. Set it to ON with a rule that triggers IF power changes or is greater than X.

Then set a rule IF the variable is ON, AND power changes and is less than X, send a notification and reset the variable to OFF.

You can get plenty of help with rules in the SharpTools community, .

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You can do it in Smartthings with a virtual switch (washer running) and 2 routines. In my case I use a 2nd virtual switch (wash is done) to trigger Alexa to say the “The wash is done”.

2 ST Routines

Alexa routine


Thank you to both of you. I should be able to get it to work with this.