Smart Laundry Monitor

Does anyone know if either of these devices can be used with a smart app (and which one) to monitor when the Washing machine or dryer for laundry stops, and thus is done? I would like to get a push message when the laundry is done. I have seen some solutions with a multi sensor that senses vibrartions but i just dont think that will be sensitive enough. I would like to rely on power draw for the metric of on/off running/done.

The two devices i am lookign at are:
AEDSB09104ZWUS - Aeon Labs Smart Energy Monitor (1st Gen)
DSC06106-ZWUS - Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch


I am using the DSC06106-ZWUS with my setup for the washing machine and using Rule Machine with a virtual switch, I can get notifications.

I have it set up so that when my washing machine goes over 4W it will turn on a virtual switch.
Then I have a rule that states if the draw falls under 4W with that virtual switch on, I will get a text message and also have a message spoken over my speaker (as well as turning off the virtual switch as a reset for the next use).

You can also take a look at this:

I have this working for both my washing machine and tumble dryer extremely well using the SmartThings plug. The range and reliability is very good too

Also, see this thread (below) if you have a washer or dryer with a touchscreen interface, and thus, never quite drop to zero. For best precision in this use case, I had to modify the device handler for the DSC06106-ZWUS to report decimal fractions. Works great now.

I’m struggling to see what the issue is here. I have both a washer and a dryer that fluctuate below 4 watts when off, and occasionally below 4 watts for brief periods during a cycle.

I have automated 100% with 0% false positives by creating virtual switches which switch on when the power usage goes over 4w and then switches off when below 4w with a delay of 4minutes which is cancellable if peaks back over during that time. I use Rule Machine for this automation and I notify on the state of the simulated switch.

Yes it delays the notification by 4m but my laundry room is in the garage and I cant imagine that a delay of 4m is an issue in the wonderful world of laundry!