Notifications when something turns off/ Power monitoring/ Washer for example?


We have a smartthings plug that monitors when the washing machine is done.

However, the smart app I was using for power monitoring no longer works.

What is the recommended way to monitor the washing machine?

It needs to detect that the washing machine went on and then went off.

Thanks in advance

Brand and model of the washing machine?

What country are you in? Some features are region locked. :disappointed_relieved:

What smartapp were you using before?

Thanks for responding so quickly

The washer is plugged to a SmartThings plug-in outlet that reports power.

I am in the US. The washer is Samsungs but an older model that does not have smart features.

Previously I used I think three, I think custom monitors had a power monitor option, there was a SmartThings app called power monitoring and I may have also had a web piston.

3 was overkill but I was experimenting, we would get 3 notifications which is overkill

Is there something built in I can use.

The rule for powering monitoring was something like go over x units and then go below those x units send a notification.

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I set mine up using sharp tools following the example from this video. You could take the same approach but replace the vibration active components with power above a certain level.

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I use ST routines. See the attached.