Automation using PowerMeter and SmartOutlet

I want to turn on/off an outlet based on the power consumption of another outlet. For example if the power consumption of A outlet is greater than 5 watts, then turn On the B outlet and turn it off when the power drops below 5 Watts.

I tried to use one Wemo Insight and a Wemo Switch(outlet). Found a custom DH for Wemo Insight for power meter and on/off. But it did not work. The official DH just does the on/off. Any other devices that I can use ? Or, any other way to achieve my objectives ? Thanks.

Official outlet support list for US:

Select any outlet on the list and it will list supported features. You are looking for “Smart Metering” or “ ENERGY MONITORING” as a feature.

Hello, @sambeet

The action you plan to use will work only to turn off the outlet, as it dosn’t registry power through the api when it is off.

Energy monitoring switches should still report zero draw, There are many examples in the forum of community members using these devices to determine whether, for example, the television or washer is on or off. It may be that the new rules API doesn’t support that, but honestly, it should. :wink:

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