Looking for a Room Management SmartApp

question for the community:

Is there such a thing as a room management SmartApp?

I’m looking for something that I can configure Lights + Motion + Window + Thermostat + Sockets, for each room, and then be able to configure standard schemas for each room such as:

  • Motion timeout for lights/Sockets
  • Motion trigger for lights
  • Thermostat cutoff for windows
  • Timed Luminosity profiles/circadian Rhythm
  • Sunrise wake time

…all without having to create from scratch a separate CoRE piston for each profile in each room?

Wouldn’t you have to create a separate profile in each room with the SmartApp you are looking for? I would really advise on using webCoRE and it’s folder options to create “Profiles” for each room. webCoRE is so simple that I really can’t see you saving much time trying to find a built in solution that will more than likely be limited in the overall scheme of what you are trying to achieve.

But, I will be looking at this closely to see if others can offer a better solution than webCoRE.

I guess if the usual routines are configured in the template, you’d create a child-app for each room, and assign devices & times per room child-app

I can see that for smaller setups and would have been super useful for me in the beginning!

My rooms dramatically vary in what is going on in each. Some are entertainment and AV driven, Master Bedroom is much different than one of the Kids Bedrooms or Guest. Study has all kinds of stuff going on. The Day Room is a completely different beast. It would be so hard for me to find a “One Size Fits All” app for Room Management.

This is the main reason why I don’t use Modes outside of Home, Away and Night anymore. Incorporating Virtual Switches as Master Room switches have proven to be much more useful.

Alexa, turn on Work Morning (Master Bedroom Morning Controller)…

PC Turns On
Gentle Wake Up off and Bedroom Light set to 50%
Curtains Pull Back
Iron Turns On
Bathroom Vanity Lights Turn On to 100%
Bathroom Light Turn On to 50%
Motions are Set to 10 Minutes
Coffee Warms
Refrigerator goes to 1hr on 1hr off
Alarm Turns Off
Cameras Turn Off
Humidifier Turns Off
Speakers Turn On
Various Pistons are Paused and/or Resumed
Google Chrome Opens Webpage

All of this is done with regular Routines and webCoRE…

Something like Routines but categorized for each room would be super cool!