Smart App for motion activated lights, with a twist

Hello. So obviously, a major use of the SmartThings hub is motion activated lights. I have them and I love them. One issue I’ve experienced is, I walk out of my bedroom, my sensor detects motion, and my hallway lights turn on. I head to the kitchen, grab whatever I went there for and head back. My issue is that when I got back I go back to my bedroom, the sensor in my room detects motion again, and turns the hallway lights on again. It’s not a major issue but I was wondering if anyone has or can create an option for sensor to turn a light on when there’s motion but, NOT turn the same light on if the same sensor detected motion in the last XXX minutes. I know I can set the lights to stay on for ten minutes or whatever and that should avoid the issue but, I’d love to have the control over the motion lights to ignore motion if a ‘Routine’ has been activated in the last ten minutes or so.

Any direction towards a smart app OR a ‘Smart Apps for dummies’ breakdown would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Just use webcore

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Get the Bosch motion sensor. It detects motion and won’t detect again for 3 mins.


Thank you. That link was VERY easy to follow. Now what? Lol. Im guessing I am supposed to utilize webCoRe to create my own smart apps but would you happen to have a link that would walk me through it?

Actually, just double checked that wiki page and they laid out step by step directions on damn near everything. So I think I’ll be good with the link you sent already. Thanks a lot man.

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Actually Jimmy, lol. I ran into an issue. I KNOW on the list of steps it says 'If you don’t see WebCoRe in the Myapps under SmartApps, you skipped a step" and I assumed I did. But I was very careful the first time and PERFET the second time and it’s still not there. Do you have any idea as to why it didn’t come up? Any easy solution that works for most people?? I swear I did every step the right way.

One thing is, I’m able to find my hub under “locations” in smartThings developers but, NEVER Under hubs. I always have to go to locations.

what url are you using to login to the IDE?

I actually got it to work. Did it twice, never showed up on the app. And then the next day there were 6 of them there. Lol. So I got it. Thank you tho!!!

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