How can I delay my hue motion sensor

So I’ve looke in the forum and not come across what I’m looking for.

Basically I have two rooms, I has smart bulb and other doesn’t. Want to add one to the other rooms but with motion sensor. But this room is also a walk through room to get to the other room. So I’m looking to see if anyone has made a handler or something that allows a delay, so if I walk through the room the first motion dects but doesn’t do anything unless there is movement longer that a set time in which case it will switch the light on. I don’t really want to walk through one room light comes on when I’m going to the 2nd room.

Anyone got any ideas of something like this or point me in the right direction.


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You can also look into core or webcore

skip CoRE and go directly to webCoRE if you go that route.

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