Multiple motion sensors for 1 room?

A quick search on here and I see an app that now doesn’t work. Zone motion I think it was called.

Anyways, I was thinking of using 2 motion sensors on each of my rooms, my kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms etc. The reason is sometimes one will stop responding ( or slower to reach ) for whatever reason so I figured running 2 would cut this down. Is this a silly idea? Does anyone else do this? I’ve tried it through the lighting app, 2 separate automations with one switching the light off if no motion after 10 mins, the other after 11 mins and it seems to be going good. Just wondering if anyone else actually does this.

Two apps to consider and see if they fit your needs…


Thanks buddy. I use webcore for a host of other things but I’m trying to keep as much as I can within the smart lighting app if possible. What I described in my original post, I think I’ll stick with that.

I guess it’s just a safe guard incase one decides to not respond and for all they cost, I guess it’s not too bad of an idea. Now just picking on what motion sensors to bulk buy is the problem. I really want to stick with the ST motion sensor but I keep changing my mind on that. Having said that, I have one of them and 3 Phillips hues and the ST one is a lot faster I’ve found.

Hello @jjmucker.
I highly recommend using the Rules API for the simple fact that you can create your automations with a simple Http Request through Postman. So, the integration process becomes agile and very maintainable.

I’ve never heard of that. Is this rather than using the smart lighting app within ST?