Need help with creating a program for lights

So my fiance and I have different schedules. She gets up at 4am to get ready for work. I do not get up until 7am to get ready. When she gets up in the morning, she wants the bathroom light to be at 100%, and then she wants the kitchen light to be on 100% as well so she can pack her lunch. My lights are all motion sensored.

The problem is, I dont want her to say good morning, that activates the day scene for the bedroom, and will turn on the bedroom light while i am trying to sleep.

I created a virtual outlet called v-I’m getting ready and i can have that controlled by alexa. That allows the bathroom and kitchen to use the day scene, but the problem is, the night outlet is active too, so it seems they may be getting confused becasue when they turn on they are full brightness but then shortly after they dim to the night levels.

I am so confused on how to get this to work correctly :confused: I do have webcore available too just not sure if that would be better…

What smart apps are you using to control the lights currently?

If you use Smart Lighting to control the lights, you can just create a separate automation that’s active 4am-7am. If you normally use scenes, maybe leave those alone and only control the individual lights you care about in this scenario.

I am using smart lighting.

That’s the thing though, some days it’s 4 some other days she might decide to get up at 3 to go in early or some days 6… I need to somehow create it so she can just say I’m getting ready… or when I decide I want to go fishing, I could say it on the weekend :wink:

It will be.

Create a webCoRE Piston for you and another for her. Create a routine for each. Just a routine with no actions.

Use these routines to trigger the appropriate Piston.

You could also use 1 Piston that set the light levels at certain time.

If light changes to on
Time is between x and y
Then using light
Set level to x