Looking for 2 ADT Smartthings Door Sensors

Very hard to find and few in Amazon and e-bay high cost and second use, I am supposing this is because ADT+Smartthing married has ended, no more distribution, but I think this is a great system, little tricky but fun to deal and setting up it.
I am looking to purchase 2 more ADT Smartthings Door Sensors, anybody ?

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I feel you, Im having the same exact issue. I got the system from a Lowe’s as they had the ADT Motion Sensors, Window Break Sensor, CO2 and Fire Detector and Water sensor out on the shelf. I was like that looks so neat I can install an ADT system myself! I asked an associate where the actual system was and they said behind the registers so I bought it. This was in February a month ago. I am distraught they were selling a system that was dead as they also had Ring Alarm out I could of got instead. My plan was to get more door and window sensors when I got paid again but ran into the problem you are having of people over pricing the sensors. I really think we are out of luck man. I feel duped lol