Cheap Window/Door Sensors?

Hey Guys,

Just doing some research on some cheap window/door sensors. I have serveral of the smarthings multisensor and love them. However, at $40 a pop is much to costly for every door (have them on most of the mains). Id perfer zigbee (seems to be more resonsive but could just me) but open to anything suggestions. In a perfect world, the sensors that are built into the frame would be better yet, but only have seen a handful of those and Id think would make battery changes a PINA :wink:

the new lowes iris contact sensors work great. I’ve got 4 in use right now and they each read temperature too!


I second the thumbs up for iris. You can get them on Amazon for like $22 if your Lowes doesn’t stock them. I have 12 windows installed with them for several months, no issues and battery life is great.

Thanks guys. Lowes had a multi-pack on sale 4 for $62.99. Ordered ^.^

Hold on, that’s version one and not compatible with SmartThings

Amazon has the Samsung smartthings multisensor in sale now for 29.99 as well but the iris sensors from lowes is great too and is what I use!

Darn, you are right I see what you mean. No problem I canceled that and got gen 2’s instead.

Lowes just had them on sale for $17 and change each

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Dang, too bad I missed that. However, the v2’s work fantastic. Worked out of the box and the response time as crazy quick. I now have 5 in total and moved the fancy smart things sensors to other doors for security monitoring. Thanks guys!

I made my own using Esp8266 wifi boards some good info on this subject in the community and integrates great into ST, very basic soldering skills required and a reed switch.

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