Iris Window/Door sensors and Motion Sensors for sale

Bought some Iris Window and Motion sensors a while back. Held on to them while I tried out the Ring Alarm system. Sticking with Ring, and just found my box of Iris sensors and too late to return them to Lowes

So, for sale:
6x Iris Widnow/Door Sensors
3x Iris Motion sensors

These are the ones that work with Smartthings

How much are u asking?

I’d ship all nine for $200

Lowes was recently selling both of those for $15 each (half off), because they are dropping/selling Iris and dumping their stock.
But on the other hand, they’re now out of nearly everything Iris, at least around where I live.

How much for the motions?

I’d rather sell it all together to one person that needs them, and just one shipment.
If someone wants to buy just the windows, I’ll separate them.

How much for all 9 if i email you a prepaid shipping label?

Just looked at box with everything, and noticed there is a 4th motion sensor. This was opened, so won’t say new in box etc. but if you provide labe I’ll give you the 4th motion. $200 even.

Thanks I’ll wait for now. I’m so far behind with projects, I’m sure this stuff will only get cheaper ever year

I found I have a 4th motion sensor that is not in a box as well, feel free to make an offer on the three or four motion sensors.