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Iris Window/Door sensors and Motion Sensors for sale

(Mike) #1

Bought some Iris Window and Motion sensors a while back. Held on to them while I tried out the Ring Alarm system. Sticking with Ring, and just found my box of Iris sensors and too late to return them to Lowes

So, for sale:
6x Iris Widnow/Door Sensors
3x Iris Motion sensors

These are the ones that work with Smartthings

(Luis Rodriguez) #2

How much are u asking?

(Mike) #3

I’d ship all nine for $200

(Damian) #4

Lowes was recently selling both of those for $15 each (half off), because they are dropping/selling Iris and dumping their stock.
But on the other hand, they’re now out of nearly everything Iris, at least around where I live.


How much for the motions?

(Mike) #6

I’d rather sell it all together to one person that needs them, and just one shipment.
If someone wants to buy just the windows, I’ll separate them.

(Michael Mantion) #7

How much for all 9 if i email you a prepaid shipping label?

(Mike) #8

Just looked at box with everything, and noticed there is a 4th motion sensor. This was opened, so won’t say new in box etc. but if you provide labe I’ll give you the 4th motion. $200 even.

(Michael Mantion) #9

Thanks I’ll wait for now. I’m so far behind with projects, I’m sure this stuff will only get cheaper ever year

(Mike) #10

I found I have a 4th motion sensor that is not in a box as well, feel free to make an offer on the three or four motion sensors.