Smarthings/Alexa with Schlage Connect

Hello everyone, Im currently a newbie trying to get into smart home automation with smartthings/Alexa. Last week I bought Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt, I was able to paired it with ST and talk to Alexa, but i’m trying to get Alexa to lock/unlock my front door, is there a how to out there that can accomplished this? Thanks

Make sure you go to your Alexa smartapp in Smartthings and authorize Alexa to access your lock. (it will be listed below your switches on a section called locks)

Once that is done, ask your Alexa to discover devices. Alexa will find the new devices and you should be able to control them. You will only be able to ask Alexa to lock the doors, not unlock. I suspect that may change in the future once Amazon adds something like voice recoginition to prevent stangers from asking Alexa to open doors from outside.

You can also ask Alexa if a door is locked.

You are able to lock the door or ask for it’s current status. Unlock by voice isn’t supported for Alexa, kind of security issues.

Iˋm able to do it with a smartapp, setting the action there and set the app to be trigger by a routine. That way you can ask Alexa to turn on the routine.

Here is one related topic for a similar app, take a look there and in the forums, if you really want to setup your ST system, I will need to learn this kind of tricks. Good luck!

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Hi Tyler,

I have just installed two Schlage Connect locks and they are working great with Smartthings hub, but they are not recognized by Alexa.
I can’t find that place, where to authorize Alexa in Smartthings.
Any help would be appreciated.

In your SmartThings mobile app, go to Automation, then SmartApps, then Amazon Alexa. It will display Device Authorization. The sections for Locks is listed below the sections for Switches. Touch the Locks section and select your locks.

Thank you for your help, but I did not have Alexa in the Smart Apps list. I have disabled ST skill and than I have re-enabled it. Than, everything showed up in the devices. Matter of fact, some devices were doubled.