Schlage compatible device - Question

I am about to pull the trigger on a schlage auto locking dead bolt and just want to make sure I have the right one before I do.

This is the one I am looking at. I know the more expensive on is Iphone only and the one below this doesnt allow remote management. Just want to make sure this device will work with the ST hub?

EDIT** FYI for anyone thinking of getting this. When I checked out the price had dropped to 158 in cart. Get em while they are hot!

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Yes, it’ll work. The ST device handler only provides basic lock/unlock functionality, but there are community created device handlers and smartapps that add all the other functions such as code management, alarms, and configuring things such as vacation mode and autolock


Thanks man, I appreciate it. Can I also ask. What is the difference between the Camelot model and the Century model? Just the shape of the design?

I have this lock and it’s much better than my kwikset (910). Yes the difference is aesthetic only between Century and Camelot.

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Thanks dude. I appreciate your help. Just curious does the App its self support geofencing? The reason I ask is its going to be a few weeks before I purchase the ST hub and it doesnt really have any bearing but im just curious LOL.

Correct - cosmetic only. However, there is also a BE468 Camelot (I have one). It is identical to the BE469 minus the alarm functionality (still has ‘beep’ though)… and it cost less.

Nice to know. I would prefer to have the added functionality of the alarm. Happy surprise. When I went to buy it on amazon it was discounted in cart by 20 bucks.

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