London Sunset is wrong today (4-Nov) - any ideas?

Time Zone Europe/London
Sunrise 05:26
Sunset 20:42 ???

Temperature Scale C

Definitely report it to support. The sunrise is off, too.

What’s even weirder is at the sunrise is early and the sunset is late, so it’s not just being in the wrong zone.


I haven’t seen this before… I was running under the assumption the sun never came up. Please email your SmartThings account information over to - we will look into this.

Edit: Moving this to #uk for visibility.

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Thanks … someone there (Fiona) is already on the case I think.

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@Aaron please stop this relentless bashing of UK weather. We Brits are proud of the two weeks of summer we get most years. :sweat_smile:


I only had good weather during my time in the UK. As a matter of fact, I put a ban on our team complaining about the weather until they visit our Minneapolis office (in the winter)!


Update - Support have fixed my hub.
Better than a good job - A fantastic quick fix by Fiona - Thanks.

PS - Raining like hell at the mo … but in truth we’ve needed some rain here in the SE for quite a while now.

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