Sunset/Sunrise Settings Not Working

I’ve got several lights set to turn on if a motion sensor is triggered between sunset and sunrise, they’ve stopped working this evening.

I’m guessing this is down to the change of time tonight and something somewhere is telling the box we’re now on British summer time and they will start working again around 19:30 tonight.

ive never found the sunrise/sunset times anyway accurate mate

I had this problem when the US flipped daylight savings. I had to set the criteria to be a specific time, save, then go back and update to sunrise/set based and save again. Then they have worked fine since.

The lights kicked in an hour later as I guessed, will see what they do tonight, hopefully they’ll be back in sync.

I’m seeing this issue too. Bit disappointed it can’t handle daylight savings as I would have expected this to have been an obvious test case!