Logitech Harmony Smart Control/Hub $70 - Amazon

Logitech Harmony Smart Control with Smartphone App and Simple All in One Remote - $69.99

I set up one of these simple remotes with the hub for my parents and it works well, easy to use. You can also use it to control IR-enabled LED lightstrips and other IR devices. Not a bad price for a 2nd room (I’d still recommend the touchscreen version for the main home theater if you may have more than 8 devices to control).

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Are there multiple versions of the hub? This is cheaper than the hub alone so looks a decent way to even buy just that.

EDIT: Also, for the remote, how do you tell it which of your various devices you want to control? Does it also only have 3 routines you can run (3 grey buttons up top) or is there a way to toggle those to run more? Equivalent of shift key on keyboard type thing?

If i remember correctly, you get 6 routines, (press and hold for the secondary routines on each of the 3 top buttons).

You use the phone app to set up the remote and control which remote button does which functions. For the routines, you can program in macros including additional button presses when starting activities too.

all harmony hubs are exactly the same after they are all on the latest firmware update. the only difference is the remote attached to the hub.

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Each button has a short and long press function. Hubs are all the same and will all integrate with ST.To program it, you install MyHarmony app on your phone or PC and program the buttons.

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this is only the remote, right?

This remote requires the Hub, which is included per the listing.

If I remember correctly, the remote itself doesn’t even have an IR transmitter, utilizing the hub for all commands. This allows the smartphone app to also control devices through the hub.

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On amz, shows hub too, I’m debating… price for hub is $95 on amz right now. In addition to saying “alexa turn on the tv” I would like to use this to kick off my cheap iLife robot vac from SmartThings/CoRE schedule since the builtin iLife scheduling is rather limited.

Can the number digit buttons be over-ridden to do a custom action/command (like adjust center channel volume on sound bar)?

Any way to switch to each device’s remote mode? I have a couple Harmony 650’s and they have the macro buttons but also can go into soundbar remote mode for example in order to do special features for that remote like center channel volume.


I think for remote mode, you’ll need the touchscreen version which sometimes drops to $99.

Description says hub included. The only thing " missing" is the dedicated HA buttons. For $69 I can deal with it.

For advanced commands you will need to use the phone/tablet app.

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It is also available at Best Buy for the same price today…

That would explain the Amazon price drop.

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can someone explain the difference with this…

Does that mean that I can still create activities and such? Can I still create a routing using the phone app i.e. to turn on lights when turning on tv or changing the input to watch a movie and such?

Yes you can add devices to the 3 ( 6) actvities. . You just don’t have the buttons on the actual remote to turn on/off dim lights, thermostats, locks etc outside of an activity

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Oh cannot resist and ordered one

I couldn’t either. Now where to put this one ? Look forward ( #sarcasm ) to the fight to add another Hue hub to ST

How big is the hub? I assume I’ll have to find a place like an end table to put it so concerned about acceptance factor if its a big box.

“so concerned about acceptance factor if its a big box.”

LOL, I have that same concern even though I went ahead and ordered one

I have $5 in best buy rewards that expire in a week. I guess I could use that! lol

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