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Hey all!

I’m thinking of buying this item in Amazon Spain where I live:

Will it work with ST?


Not sure because my Spanish is a bit rusty or if this is the exact same model. Here is the article about Logitech being added:

These are the 3 products (look similar):

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Hey Ben!

Thanks for answering!

They do indeed look similar… The model number changes from 239 in the links you posted to 211 in mine… But apart from that it seems to be the same product…

I’ll go ahead and get it… I can always give it as a gift to my parents if it doesn’t work for me… Lol!

Look for the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home (349$ In US but there is a trade up program. Not sure if that has expired which knocks down the price by 100$). The hub and remote makes the package. This one has a touch screen.

The second one that @ben has there does not have any touch screen. They also differ on the number of devices they can control. All the info is there at Logitech’s website.

Disclaimer: Not recommending one model over the other. Not sure how good or bad the integration is with ST as I don’t use it much besides AV function. The community has tons of info on ultimate home. But certainly they do integrate.

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Hey Ron! I’ve looked for the one you mention but is not available here in Spain yet… Thanks for the idea anyway!

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I would have sent it to you for free if not for the latest firmware update. :wink:

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Just pay for the shipping, my Spanish friend! That will be 349 + 50 = 400 US$ . :wink: firmware is free for you! I will throw that in. Deal?

Sounds tempting! I’ll check with… you know… The Mrs… Lol! It’s a bummer being married… But hey! I went down the aisle willingly! Haha! Will let you know soon

@danielccm - the Harmony Smart Control which you have asked about is one of the older Harmony Hub based remotes. It will not work with SmartThings until Logitech release a firmware update to add this functionality. They have said there will be a (nominal) fee associated with obtaining the additional features via an in-app purchase when that update is released.

The remotes that Ben has linked to are the new models - these are only available in the USA at the moment. The second of the remotes is effectively the replacement model for the one you have shown. If you look closely at the two remotes you will see that the transport buttons (stop, play, pause, fast forward, etc.) have moved from near the top in your model to the lower middle in Ben’s model.

I’ve previously posted a summary of the old and new Harmony hub based remotes and their differences here:

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AKA the Minister for War and Finance :laughing:

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Good thing I checked in here right after waking up!

I was going to buy the old one! The new one’s a little more expensive but it’s worth it!

Thanks for letting me know!

I finally went for the simple no LCD remote… Can always upgrade at a later time…

Can barely wait the next 9 days! Lol!

By the way! Please tell me that all the chargers needed are USB based!

On a whim I bought the harmony hub last night at BB. I did not get the package with the remote. I already have the harmony one, but I do not believe it is compatible with the ha aspect, no big deal.

My question for you is this:
You’ve read a lot of my posts and I think you are pretty sure of what I’m looking to do with my ha. (Recap, make it all voice controlled).
What all can I do with this thing via echo? Is it worth my time and money or should I get 2 fire sticks with voice for what I paid for this?

I have not done anything with it. My wife took it away from me last night as soon as I got home with it and threw it under the tree. She laughed and told me if she had to wait, so do I.

You can use the Echo trigger iftttt channel combined with the Harmony iftttt channel (no SmartThings required) for excellent voice control of your audiovisual system for the major activities. You can do something like “Alexa, trigger Disney Channel” or " Alexa, trigger Netflix" or “Alexa, trigger roku” and fire a Harmony activity that turns on the devices to that channel/input.

It’s also possible to do the granular controls like volume up or pause or rewind, but they are more awkward, and while useful for me, I think most people who have better hand control will just use the button remote for those. You have to get used to thinking in terms of harmony activities, but you need that to use the Harmony remote anyway. :sunglasses:

If you throw SmartThings into the mix, you can get somewhat more natural voice control because you don’t have to say the word “trigger” every time. And you might save a small amount of lag because you don’t have to use the IFTTT channel. However, you then have the issue that the SmartThings/harmony integration breaks a lot. Like every two or three weeks. As you can tell from the forums. So it’s up to you if you want to go down that rabbit hole or not. :rabbit:

I really like the echo/harmony combination, and use it every day. My housemate also really likes the Harmony just as a universal remote. But different people will have different preferences.

I haven’t looked at the fire TV remote because it’s not physically usable for me. But my brother has both that one and the Harmony, and he prefers the Harmony as a button remote and the hands-free echo/harmony over pressing the button to use voice on the fire TV remote. He just uses the fire TV voice remote the way you do, as an extra echo remote in a different room. Again, though, it wouldn’t surprise me if somebody else had the reverse preference.

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Awesome, thanks. I’m going to try it out and if it turns out to not be family used then I’ll go for the fire sticks with voice in other rooms.

This is going in the living room where I already have echo and a harmony one touch screen remote.

Time will tell!

Some tips…

Your harmony hub comes with 60 days free support… Call them up and have them build your various apps series… (watch TV) , Netflix, Music, disney, Xbox, etc… By default they will build them to be exclusive (turning one one means turn the other off) maybe you want Music outside playing at the same time the tv is on. The tech support is outstanding and i spent hours with them setting up my gear.
I have my Harmony connected through ST and use echo to control my whole house sound system- “Alexa turn on/off the TV”, “Alexia turn on Apple TV”, “Alexia watch Netflix.” “Alexia play Pandora outside” “Alexia play Pandora inside” So as you setup your apps make them natural voice as much as possible.

Spend some time read through the thread posted by JD, it’ll help you setup using momentary virtual devices etc… every time i though i was smarter , it turns out he all ready thought it through… The Post was started with IFTTT and direct integration was added about midway through…

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Well, I got it all set up and working… and now it’s back in the box getting ready to go back to BB.

Let me explain…

In my living room I have Alexa. Alexa controls everything in the house, at least all of the controllable stuff lol.

My ceiling fans, lights, A/C and all that stuff… even the different colors of the christmas tree lights are individually controllable.

My entertainment system consist of my 60 inch UHD Tv, 3D Blu-ray, Dish Network box, and Bose system. All of that is currently controlled by my Harmony One+ remote.

I have Alexa in my master bedroom along with the Firestick w/voice and 2 minimotes.

I have another Alexa in my garage.

The guest bedroom is fully automatic and controlled via a minimote and automations.

The kids room are also automatic, and will soon be controlled via firesticks w/voice.

I have designed my system to be fully voice controlled, except where it would either be difficult or really is not as fast and useful. I.E. the guest room and bathrooms (except for the master bath).

Once I got the Harmony Hub set up I quickly realized that my family was not going to enjoy using it. While it is intuitive (based on the way I set it up) it honestly is easier just to use the Harmony One+ remote.

While I believe the hub is a great thing and it would be great to use with ST if you have one of the more powerful remotes, it just doesn’t seem to be useful for a house controlled by Alexa.

But, for those that are not using Alexa or ST, this hub when paired with the right remote will be very good.

Thanks for all of your comments and help. I really do enjoy trying out devices to see if I like them.

Jason really? Like you, I’m a fan of “frictionless” home automation and voice control is the most “frictionless”/natural interface. Picking up a device for home automation to me defeats the purpose. If i can t use Alexa to control it or have it fully automated, Its not worth my time and money… Alexa turn on/off the (fill in the blank for entertainment device) is the most frequently used Alexa command. So the Pre automation version of this process was: Turn on the TV, change remote-Turn on the HT sound, change remotes-Turn on the Cable box, turn the channel to ABC. this is now executed with a single voice command. “Alexa, turn on the tv (or television)” After the device is on we still change channels and volume using the Harmony remote because simple it’s easier… How many time do you call the kids for dinner and they leave the TV on? :slight_smile: or you are on your way out the door and you hear the sound system on… Alexa turn of the lights… turns off everything on the first floor.

Everyone’s use cases are different, but the Alexa and Harmony integration is probably my most used automation. I have kids, and they are too young to turn the tv off…“Alexa, turn the tv off” from my kitchen, is a lot easier then going into the living room and finding the remote and pressing the button. “Alexa, turn on Nick Jr.” When my hands are full and my kid is yelling to turn on the tv. You get the idea. I would imagine when my kids get older that I will just tell them to turn the tv off and they will replace Alexa :smile:

Rich, I completely agree with everything you’ve said.

I think it would be much more across in the house if we didn’t already have the harmony one+ remote. It has the touch screen and scene setup.

When I was seeing up the harmony hub my wife picked up the remote and said look, I will have to tell Alexa to turn on the tv, she will do all of the required things. I then pick up the remote and change the channel.

Since I have to pick up the remote anyway it’s actually faster and less of a hassle for me to touch “watch tv” or “watch dvd’s” or “play games” on the touch screen.

That remote was the deal killer for the voice activated entertainment.

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