Logitech Harmony Hub different models?


Is there more than one model of Harmony hub or are the hubs all the same but just packaged with different remotes?

Which package is the best value in your opinion? I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m looking to control a scene with my lighting and A/V equipment using an Inovelli scene enabled wall switch.

(Bob Kerr) #2

Hurry up, Best Buy still has some Ultimate Home remotes left in stock for 99. The hub is the same on all home automation remotes and is 99 on its own. Your next choice is Companion (currently 119, regular 149) - no screen. If you want a screen, then you have Elite (currently 299, regular 349).



Purchased! Thanks!

Looks like the Ultimate does have a screen. Maybe the Elite is a little more fancy?

(Bob Kerr) #4

Ultimate was the model before the Elite was released. It is no longer available. Its major design flaw is that they forgot to put physical smart home buttons on the remote. Also the Elite has a more refined UI and is thinner.


Yeah, I realized this after I ordered and just canceled the order and ordered the Elite instead.

(Bob Kerr) #6

If you bought it from Best Buy, cancel it again and head to Amazon you save $50 today lol. But, yeah, I didn’t know your budget. Elite is a whole lot better…I have one of each of the 3 smart home remotes and Elite is by far my favorite.


I negotiated with Best Buy and got 125 off. They had me on hold for an hour when I called to cancel the Ultimate. The automated system told me 15 minutes and it ended up being an hour. The representative gave me 125 off the Elite.

Do you have multiple hubs with all your Harmony remotes? How are they set up?

(Bob Kerr) #8

Yes, each remote has its own hub. Logitech’s engineering simplicity is annoying at times. They love their one to one relationship. One hub controls one remote, one activity can run at one time, etc. SmartThings handles well multiple remotes, but Alexa or Google Home not so much. You can however integrate Hue or Nest with each hub…

(Ron Talley) #9

Didn’t know that they stop making the Ultimate…

I thought the Harmony Hub comes in 5 versions

  1. No remote
  2. Smart Control-Basic remote
  3. Companion-Basic remote with dedicated SmartHome control
  4. Ultimate-Touch screen with weird layout and no dedicated SmartHome control
  5. Elite-Touch screen with great layout, features and dedicated SmartHome control

All with increasing price points.

(Bob Kerr) #10

Was talking about the smart home remotes. There are only two listed on Logitech website. The Companion and Elite. They don’t seem to be making the Ultimate, thus the low price on Best Buy - they are definitely trying to get rid of them. The Ultimate is definitely a step up from the Companion. The hub itself is not a remote. They have other universal remotes, but those are not capable of operating lights.


(Ron Talley) #11

Yeah, I don’t even see the one with the basic remote…Also see they have a “Pro” which looks like an Elite but only installed by a Professional.:rofl:

At $99, the Ultimate is a steal. The Elite is pricy but definitely a great investment.

(Ron Talley) #12

SmartThings finds each Hub and adds the Activities as Switches.

(Benji) #13

The Ultimate remote is the Harmony Touch remote as is the Elite remote the Harmony 950 remote.

In short, get the Elite if it’s in your budget otherwise, the Ultimate/Touch remote really isn’t as bad as everyone makes out to be, it is a little annoying that some of the buttons are above the screen but really, it’s completely liveable and I managed to pick up a Harmony Hub, Harmony Touch combo for ~$120.

If buying new all the Harmony hubs are all the same across the packages, just be careful with older/used hubs as there WAS a difference and may not work.

(Tony) #14

I own both the Harmony Touch and the Harmony Ultimate remotes, they are in fact different though the differences are minor. The Ultimate weighs about 20% less and it is contoured differently on the bottom with a ridge near the center which makes it better balanced to hold. It has haptic feedback which the Touch does not have and seems to have better battery life. It also has a motion sensor that wakes the remote when you pick it up; with the Touch you have to hit a button or touch the screen to activate it. Functionally though the Touch and the Ultimate are the same.

(Ron Talley) #15

Told myself I was a damn fool for not jumping on this. I went back today to pick up one and price is back up to $179…Snooze you lose.

(Daniel Ionescu) #16

Costco has it in store for $99.


So I received the Harmony Elite Hub and I’m in the setup process but stuck.

I added all the devices including Smartthings Hub and when I go back into the app to complete the setup, the app finds the Harmony Hub but when I click on it, it the wheel spins and nothing happens. So it finds the hub on the network but the app won’t connect to it.

I’ve tried over and over. I’ve rebooted it. Not sure what is going on. Any tips?


I finally got the app to connect. I’m totally confused on the controls. Why on earth does the Harmony app understand what up, left, right, down is on the Xbox but the Harmony remote doesn’t? Do I seriously have to go in and program every single button on this thing to be able to do anything?