Logitech Harmony Smart Control Hub + Remote $70 Amazon prime

Amazon has the Logitech Harmony Smart Control Remote + Hub for $70 again.

The hub can link to Smart Things, giving you the ability to have SmartThings turn on/off lights and do things when you do activities like “Watch a Movie”, which is pretty nice!

This one does not have the dedicated light buttons :frowning:
https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-Harmony-Companion-Control-Entertainment/dp/B00N3RFC4G/ref=sr_1_5?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1480255249&sr=1-5&keywords=logitech+harmony is what you want

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BestBuy has the same price. Use VISA checkout to get $25 off $100.
Add an Echo Dot, perhaps?


His referral link doesn’t include the hub required for ST integration either.

Home companion with hub for $89 direct from Logitech


The original link does include the hub. From the product page: “Included Harmony Hub lets you control devices hidden behind cabinet doors or walls, including game consoles such as PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360.”

I believe that’s just for the remote?? It looks like the new hub and remote combinations are $122 and the refurbished remote and hub are $99.

EDIT: Just saw your response to RLDreams and see where the listing does include the words “Included Harmony Hub.” I suppose we need to wait to see what someone gets when they order.

If you really don’t trust Amazon, the BB link I posted above has a picture of the remote for your security, for the same price, available for store pickup, and $25 off $100.

Keep in mind any harmony hub will work as they all get the home control update.

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Just picked this up from Best Buy. Have wanted one for a while but could never pull the trigger. Thanks for the heads up on the Visa checkout. I also wanted another Dot so I got both out the door for $91 and used my Best Buy Visa so get 5% in rewards back.

Thank you! I had no idea and was shopping for a “home” version to replace my regular hub. Money saved.

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harmony hub what model number? There is so many numbers what do they all mean. 915-000216, 915-000230,915-0000238

Absolutely nothing, since any hub will update to the latest Harmony firmware/software.

Thank you, just the answer I was looking for. Do you know if the ir blaster will work on other devices other than tv’s or stereo receivers.

What I am looking to do is use it on my Samsung robot vacuum that has a remote. I have the none wifi version. Also can I turn on my devices when I’m away from my home?

Just an update, I ordered this and have it hooked to Alexa . Working good so far. I didn’t get it hooked up to smartthings yet. Yes it is the hub and the basic remote.

Yes, I have my hub controlled through smartthings and I can turn on devices and activities using ST sending commands to the hub from anywhere. Pretty cool! Also, I believe some people are using the hub and it blasters to control LED light strings and fixtures which only accept IR remote inputs.

I got one from Best Buy last weekend. Still working through how to do a lot of things, but so far it’s cool. Can turn activities off and on like they are a switch in ST and linking to Alexa is easy. I can now change stations on my Sonos via Alexa, and can turn TVs on and off. Still working on changing TV stations via Alexa but I have kind of an odd setup for that. Great $70 purchase! I also ordered some IR LED lights for Christmas that I plan to use this for.

I have my Harmony blasters controlling my A/C and LED strips. Pretty much if it uses IR remote you can control it with Harmony hub.