Logitech Harmony Smart Remote Control $58 Pick-up at Walmart

I logged into Walmart’s website to verify this price. It is for pickup only and pre-tax of course.


Does this work with smartthings?

Yes, as well as lots of other HA products (Nest, Lifx, Hue, Ecobee…).

Saw this last week at my local Wally world. Wife said I didn’t need a fourth even as a spare. :frowning:


It’s that kind of short-sighted thinking that might allow someone to save enough money to retire one day.

Still…I’d get the spare. :smiley:


Can someone “sell me” on Why I should get this remote? I’m new to SmartThings but wanting to expand. Right now I just have a SmartThings hub, luck, 8 bulbs, and a few sensors…

What does this thing do / add?


Biggest reason is to add turn off TV and all components with your goodbye or good night routine. I know some also set it up to turn on on xx channel for their good morning or welcome home routine.
If you have Alexa or Google Assistant it adds voice control to your entertainment center.
Of course the obvious replace every remote you have with a single unit. Turning any old phone or tablet into a remote.

Harmony remotes are some of the best universal remotes going. I started with one of their non connected remotes and moved on to where I now have the hub with the touchscreen remote. My parents are even using one now. If you’re not familiar with them, check out their website. It may seem a lot of marketing hype, but what they claim is pretty much spot on with the capabilities and fairly simple too. Right now, I’m living with a buddy and our girl friends are over 3+ nights a week. Everyone understands and loves that everything can be done from the one remote.

When you say if you have Alexa it adds voice control to your TV… how does just this remote do that?

And what control does it at? It’s not as smart as saying “Alexa play the office on Netflix” right?

Edit: removed as RL Dreams (below) provided a much better answer.

Actually it is if you program it. How is that both Google Assistant and Alexa have Harmony skills. So you simply say Hey Google or Alexa turn on Netflix or turn on TV, Turn on HBO , turn off the TV etc and it does it.
Of course you have to program those into your Harmony favorites so it knows what devices, inputs, channels to tune to when you issue the command.
Google will even transfer you to her friend Harmony and reply in a different voice.

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When I login, the price is $79 not $58. Hmmmm.:thinking:

That’s why it’s called a daily deal. It’s only good for 1 day

My friend has long called Harmony remotes his “marriage saver.” :slight_smile:

His wife and family can now control home theater activities w/a ONE remote. Push one button to start an activity (like "Watch TV) which turns on and configures multiple devices required for that activity. So Watch TV activity turns on the cable box and sets the channel and then turns on the tv, sets the input, and then turns on the receiver and sets input and mutes sound so that there is no blast of sound until the watcher is ready. Boom…one button.

And with the hub remote setup you add the fact that you don’t have to point the remote at the devices to control them (it could be in your pocket) and you can execute smart home actions (turn lights on/off, etc.) when starting an activity and control via voice w/GH or Echo.


Yup - I kinda like 'em.

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Shows $58 for me still. Has to be in your cart to see the pickup price.

BTW, Same price at Amazon.

Thanks for the heads-up. I really want the Elite but I snagged one of these to help me jump in to the Harmony boat. I’ll play around with it in my study and decide if it’s something I want elsewhere in the house.

I use these in the bedrooms etc. No need for all the extra features of the newer, fancier, more expensive ones. With this in bedroom, can control the window AC units with phone and ST.


Looks like I missed the amazon boat :frowning:

It goes on sale frequently on Amazon, Best Buy, etc. Amazon often has used like new offers on it as well for similar/less.

It’ll come back. :slight_smile:

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Still good at Wal-Mart. I just tried again.

Come on Guys! :open_mouth: Every time I buy one of these I have to reinstall all of my activities. Ron Talley, leave this page now!..But…But…But remember you wanted that pesky soundbar on top of your refrigerator to turn on automatically? Shhhhh…We can just keep using the remote…But But it’s only $58…

Exiting now considering that I just had an entire conversation with myself.

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