Logitech Harmony Questions

Hi All,

I’m looking at purchasing a Logitech Harmony setup so that I can control my TV setup and hopefully a few other devices - however;

What kit do I need? Is it just a hub or does the remote factor into the integration? (or maybe ts other way around - remote only?)

I have no interest in actually using a remote, purely from ST so I can make my TV turn on/off via ST app. I also have a few Bluetooth devices which I’m hoping to control since ST hasnt quite got there yet :frowning:

I know these are probably basic questions, but they arent really answered anywhere.

I’m just going via this product page: http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/harmony-remotes


If you don’t need a remote, just get a hub. Refurbs on Amazon/eBay can be a great steal. Easily under $100.

Is it the hub which actually provides the control of devices then? Do the hubs themselves have IR etc?

Yep, it’s all in the hub. You get IR eyes to plug into it as well and place where they will best send a signal to your gear.

I have three, one is the Ultimate so I have a remote in the living room, the other two are just the hub. One was purchased used as a Home Hub, the other is the “new” Hub, software updates make them exactly the same thing.

Yes, the harmony hubs have IR. (The Harmony Ultimate button remote does as well, but you have to have a harmony hub in order for smartthings to request an activity to fire.)

I noticed you linked to a UK page, and harmony integration has only been available in the UK for about two months.

In the US, there used to be two versions of the harmony hub, and only one of them originally worked with smartthings, but eventually logitech combined them and now only one harmony hub model is available in the US.

In the UK, I see there are still two hub models being sold. So if you are in the UK, I would write to support@smartthings.co.uk and get them to confirm which models are compatible.

More UK discussion here:

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I would still get the basic remote. I thought I would use a tablet to control everything, or voice. I still find the simplicity of the remote perfect. Turning off/on from ST/Alexa is no problem, but pausing/volume control/selecting media just took too long.

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Agreed, the Ultimate is nice and all but the simple home control remote without display is actually pretty nice. I use that in the bedroom sometimes.

The small one is nice… just double check if it lights up. I have one of the original and no back light is a problem sometimes for me.

Just my 2 cents.

Harmony has an app too, I use that just as much as the physical remote. If you think you would never or rarely use a remote, the app should be fine. You can customize buttons and add sequences on top of your normal start/stop activities.

They are brand new at Best Buy for less than $100:


Pretty sure the Simple has no backlight, and it is a downside. But the battery lasts forever in it.

You can get the refurb with remote from amazon for $80. I purchased 2 refurbs and both were brand new looking. OP is in the UK, and only been available for a few months there so probably not a lot of refurbs.


Thanks for all the info people, yea I’m in the UK so slight different options but got info needed and just considering what I’m doing to be using it for. Most the devices I want to switch on are RF

Maybe save and get one with a good remote, means getting rid of the 4 I currently have sat next to me


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I am using an old Logitech Harmony IR remote but I want to upgrade to a new remote that will also control my Amazon Fire TV. Looking at the hub-based Harmony remotes, it seems like they can also be used to control the zwave light switches that I’ve installed for use with my SmartThings hub. Is this correct? If I buy the Harmony Companion (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-companion?crid=60) is this sufficient to get the job done? I don’t understand what the Harmony Home Hub Extender (http://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/harmony-home-hub-extender?crid=60) is for. Do I have to buy that as well as the Harmony Companion in order to control Zwave switches?


That is the one I have and yes can control the lights.

It is limited though, you have to have separate on/off button presses (short versus long). Only can control 4 switches on the remote. Probably more in the app, but if I was going to use an App it would be ST.

My understanding of Home extender is if you want to control zwave/zigbee lights without another hub (like SmartThings) you will need to purchase that. I don’t have one.

@desertblade is correct: the harmony hub extender is for people who do not have SmartThings.

To control Z wave switches with a Harmony remote you would need the harmony hub plus the SmartThings hub or The harmony hub plus the harmony hub extender. But not all three.

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I personally prefer the touch remote so I am not limited to 4 devices. The only issue I have is that the remote doesn’t always have the latest status update of the lights. Might need to refresh my account data but that’s usually a painful process since it likes to fail often.

Thanks for your quick reply!
I’d like to be able to configure the Logitech to do something like:

Activity: Amazon Fire TV=
Turn on Amazon Fire TV
Turn on AV Receiver (choose appropriate input)
Turn on TV (choose appropriate input)
Set LR lights (2 Zwave switches) to 35%.

Is the consensus that I would be able to accomplish this with my existing SmartThings + switches + the Harmony Companion?

The Logitech website says that the Companion can control 8 devices.
If it is controlling the Zwave switches via SmartThings then I’m assuming that the SmartThings hub counts as one device, no matter how many lights it’s controlling. Is this an incorrect assumption? Does each light count as a single device? That would definitely be a problem as i already have my current IR Harmony controlling five devices.

That # is for the entertainment devices like TV, AVR, Bluray player etc…

Smart home devices are a separate category.

Only IR based devices (i.e. fans, electric fireplaces) will count as an entertainment device. ST will not

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Yes, this can be accomplished.

What you do is set all the settings in the activity and then run the Logitch Harmony (Connect) smart app in your Smart Things app and you can have it create a special ON/OFF switch in your SmartThings.

The switch turns off or on the activity.

EDIT: Likewise, SmartThings devices don’ t show up until you include them in the Harmony via integration. They are imported over from ST.