Logitech Harmony Confusion

Having read multiple threads on Harmony remotes/hubs I am no further ahead understanding what I need to accomplish the following:

  • Control, via a remote, a Yamaha Amp (wi-fi compatible) and Roku 2 which are both setup inside a cupboard while we watch TV in the Family room.
  • Control, via a remote, a Samsung TV and Bose Solo 15 setup inside the sunroom.
  • All devices but the Bose Solo already have their own app. I would like 1 app to integrate these devices. Preferably ST

A priority is the ability to control this with one or more remote as wifie is not keen (yet) on controlling these devices from her phone. I am pretty confident that if I can get this integrated within ST and have one clean app controlling everything wifie will come around What do I need as far as logitech hardware to make this work?

If by controlling you mean turning the two sets of equipment on and off, the harmony hub will do the trick. You might need another IR extender for the family room if the cupboard doesn’t have a glass front.

But what do I need for remote??? I assume the hub interacts with a remote, picks up its signal and send via RF it to IR blaster which controls the device(s)??

If you want ST integration or other HA, you have only two official options. Elite and Companion. Both have on board buttons available to assign HA devices. There is another remote that is no longer available from Logitech but you can still find it, it’s called Ultimate Home - this one doesn’t have designated HA buttons. As for communication, the remote sends commands to the hub over wifi and the hub sends RF to A/v devices.