Logitech harmony Hub help

Just thought I would ask here for those of you who have them may be able to help. I just bought a broken harmony hub of eBay extremely cheap. It’s micro USB socket was a bit dicky. I resoldered the connections and it now works fine. But I don’t have the remote that comes with the hub, and as they sell the hub separate I thought I could use it without the remote, however when attempting to set it up it asks me to place the remote in the cradle and won’t let me get past trying to pair the remote.

I can’t find a definitive answer online

don’t worry i fixed it, when i was following instructions to unpair everything from the hub (Alt F9 Option) it looked like there was no pairings, even though the USB pinged when plugging it in and the hub was being powered it looked like a dry joint on either the Transmit or Receive. not 100% sure as its too small and fiddly to see but attempted a resolder and it correctly showed there was a remote pairing