Lockwood / Assa Abloy z-wave locks in Australia - are they compatible with SmartThings?

Hello, I currently have multiple Vera z-wave controllers for managing Lockwood (Assa Abloy / Yale) digital locks (with z-wave controllers) in multiple Airbnb properties. It works well…most of the time but has a few key drawbacks. They are, it chews batteries (which I’ve largely solved using eneloop rechargeable batteries), the locks constantly go offline (even with a z-wave repeater installed) and setting guest PIN code restrictions (when the code is activated and deactivated) is VERY slow.
I would like to get a system with better stability (to avoid the almost daily - ‘device is offline’ message), and one that allows me to set up a new code with date/time restrictions that can be programmed into multiple locks at the same time. Can SmartThings do this? The Vera controller requires the PIN code to be programmed first (which can be programmed into multiple locks at the same time) and then the date/time restrictions to be programmed one lock at a time. Each lock takes 2+ minutes for the restriction to be set. With 4 locks in each property, my evenings are often taken up (sitting in front of the tv) programming locks. Whilst this is time consuming and frustrating, it also leads to errors.

If SmartThings can manage the Lockwood / Assa Abloy z-wave locks in Australia and be more efficient at setting up restrictions…I’m ready to jump ship.

Thanks, Mark.

The first problem is that you have to be using the correct Z wave frequency and the only smartthings hub currently sold on the Australian frequency is the one through the RACV, which has a bunch of added costs:

In addition, the “going off-line“ is a common issue with smartthings as well right now, you can just search the forum and you’ll find daily reports on it. :disappointed_relieved:

So I’m not sure it’s going to be a good match for you at this time. Maybe in the future when they are selling individual hubs and they’ve finished moving to the new platform.

( Smartthings is in a major transition period at present, new hub, new app, new cloud platform. )