Only two of six devices show up in Google Home

I have a SmartThings Hub, and have 6 devices added to it which all work properly; 2 Schlage door locks, 2 Xiaomi motion sensors and 2 Xiaomi door sensors. The Xiaomi devices are using custom handlers written by BSpranger. I recently tried to integrate my SmartThings devices into Google Home, and no matter what I try, the only devices which show up are the door sensors, and when I select them in GH, there is no “action” or status associated with them, i.e. it doesn’t show me if they’re open or closed. I’ve made sure that the credentials I’m using to make the connection are the same ones I’m using on SmartThings and can see all of my devices there, but I’ve integrated twice now and both times, only the two door sensor show up. Any ideas what I can do to get them to show up and be “managed” in GH?


Looking at the Google SmartApp, motion sensors aren’t a supported category for the Google Assistant / SmartThings integration. The door sensors are and as you say they just have a generic ‘shield’ icon. However Google Home is primarily about voice control and you should be able to ask ‘is the <sensor name> open?’ or similar.

I don’t know what the deal is with locks as I don’t have any. They are certainly a category listed in the Google SmartApp but I don’t know how they are supported.

Which SmartThings devices work with the Google Assistant?

The Google Assistant can control light bulbs, plugs, on/off switches, dimmers, and thermostats found on our Works with SmartThings page.

Google Assistant can also queue contact sensors and temperature sensors for their current state. For example, if you have a contact sensor or a temperature sensor on your front door, you can ask Google if the front door is open or what the temperature is.

My door locks are specifically listed as “Works with SmartThings”, so they at least should show up in Google Home. Especially since the unsupported Xiaomi door sensors show up (albeit just as an icon).

Locks are not listed as supported in that sentence. Only light bulbs, plugs, on/off switches, dimmers and thermostats are supported at this point.

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Schlage have a Action in the Google home app.
Not sure if it’s compatible with your lock.
But if it is deselect the lock from the Google Smartapp within the SmartThings app.
And then install the Schlage action in the Google home app.
And then ask Google to sync all devices afterwards.

I didn’t realize that list was literally the only supported devices, not a sampling. So is there any hope that these devices will one day be controllable by GH? It’s been several years since the GH integration.

Thanks for that Steve. Unfortunately, if I select the lock, under the Smartthings App tab, Google Home is not listed, there is just Goodnight and Goodbye.

Which version of app are you using.
If the classic one like me , goto the SmartApps tab and you should see Google listed there.
You would need to move the slider across so that your are able to de select the lock.
If you’re on the new app look for SmartApps in there I’m not sure where it is on that app.
Something’s not set up correctly if the Google Smartapp isn’t showing.

There is always hope! You may want to search virtual switches that are linked to your locks. Not an ideal method since you need to say turn on/off locks but a work-around.

I am using the classic, and I do see Google listed under SmartApps, but the locks were not selected. I’ll try the Schlage app in a few and report back, thanks!

I tried to add the Schlage Action, but couldn’t find it anywhere. Would this have to do with me being in Canada? I found the page that tells you how to install it, but all I seem to be able to do is link accounts for external companies (like Samsung). I did find a Schlage item there, but it was exclusively for the Sense lock, not the one I have.

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Ah so they mustn’t do a action for that type lock.
But you did say before that your locks weren’t selected in the Google Smartapp.
You should just be able to select them and re sync.

I’ll do that, however without any actions to associate with them, and given that they dont show up in GH afterwards, is there any upside to this?

Didn’t know you had already had them listed before as you only mentioned the sensors not doing much.
Surely you should get the very basic lock/unlock command to be recognised or is it just giving you the shield icon for them as well.

Unfortunately they dont even show up, the door sensors are the only items listed in GH. They are now selected in the Home Smartapp, as are the door sensors, but they literally dont show up at all in GH. It did say it had re-synched but perhaps now that they are selected (they weren’t before) they’ll appear later today.

They are meant to show straight away.
Maybe there is some kind of regional restriction.
As I find in the UK there’s loads of features missing.
That’s why I’ve changed the language on my phone settings to English US as it opens up the Hidden features then.
If you’re on Android try clearing the cache and force closing the Google app see if that forces a refresh.