Lock just stopped working in smart things

As the title says my lock will no longer work with smart things for some reason. It was working fine then all of a sudden completely stopped working about 6 days ago.

I reinstalled it fine twice, and still isn’t working. I tried the zigbee module as well as the zwave one, and both aren’t functioning. Is there a problem with the locks now?

Known problem with Zigbee locks since the last update. See the following topic:

but it was working 6 days ago then bam. Not sure what happened. These are from october. Why oh why. I even put in the zwave module and it still is having issues.

Yeah, it’s a recent issue. Email support and ask them to flag Donald Kirker. He mentioned that he may have found the issue. I suspect it’s an issue with the new zigbee abstraction theyre introducing somehow. I haven’t seen or heard any other issues, but my devices all still use older style code.

Anyway to get back on the old code?

This code is mentioned as working in the other thread, so you could give it a try for now.

Nope for some reason it’s not working with the yale touchscreen deadbolt. I tried recording the fingerprint id even and still nothing.

That might be an endpoint difference between Kwikset and Yale. If you look at the device in the IDE under the My Devices section, is the Raw Description field populated?

The thread was started in October when the lock type was released, but the post I linked to is from last week when that lock type broke. So recent.

Read it, because the ST engineer suggests including his name in your support request so he’ll see it.

As for why the Zwave module didn’t work, no idea. But if the zigbee one was working and then stopped in the last week, then the other thread may be relevant.