Lock doors after I'm inside the house

After having Smartthings setup for a few months I just recently started using the “unlock when I get home” feature of my door handles. I have 4 door handles that I could unlock when I get home, but I’m just using 1 for now.

My question is, say I get home and I decide to go in a the front door, forgetting that I have the side door set to automatically unlock when I arrive home. So I manually open the front door and enter, but now the side door is unlocked and I’ve forgotten about it because I didn’t come in that way. Is there any way to set it so that when I come home, doors 1 and 2 unlock, but after x minutes they re-lock?


Create a new hello home action “Im Home”

-> “lock these doors”
-> “automatically perform this action” “when things start happening” select motion sensor and set time?

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