Lock the doors when no one is home

Seems to me that my door locks and my garage closes when I leave even if my wife is home. How do I get it to trigger only if no one is home?

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You need to modify the Hello Home Action you have set for “when you leave the house” to automatically perform when everyone is gone and that’ll keep the doors from locking. Setting this action to when everyone is gone will prevent doors from locking when you leave if she’s at home. When you both leave the house then the house will perform the Hello Home Action depending on how you set it up.

From my experience this doesn’t work very well. The reason when I leave the house through the front door it would leave the front door unlocked even with my G/F still home. I’d rather the doors lock when each person leaves and if she or I forget to lock a door, then the Hello Home will automatically lock with the Hello Home action “leaving the house”.

Another example: I have the Hello Home action “I’m Home” set to unlock my front door, garage door and open the MyQ Garage door. If I get home first this will happen with no problem, but when she gets home 20 minutes after me the doors wouldn’t unlock because I was home already. That’s why I changed the individual lock to open and close no matter who’s home.

Hope that helped and sorry if I’m rambling. Let me know if you have any questions I just spent the last 2 days customizing this to perfection.

That sounds like just what I want to do but you’re right, I would want certain things to close when I leave (gate) but leave others open (garage, back door unlocked, etc) until she leaves as well. At least I know how to fully customize now using that mode, thank you very much for your input!

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Anytime glad I could help.

Sorry to open up an old thread, but having a similar issue here where my “Goodbye!” action is not triggering because it is set to everyone leaves. Did they remove the everyone is gone option?

@R10T no worries, I use “everyone is gone” every single day.

When you edit the Hello Home action you have for when you leave it’s there. It’s kinda hidden you need to tap the +more options. Let me know if this helps.