Need some guidance setting up use-cases


(Scott Chapman) #1

OK, I’m just getting started and have some basic things working, but I am looking for some advice on expanding automation in a way that makes sense…

So, what I have working is my garage door opens when I get home, and closes 10 minutes after I leave. I’ve done this with the “Good Bye” and “Im back” routines. I am also tracking my family members with life360 which works well for me.

Here’s what I want to do next:

  1. Do the same thing for my Wife with her garage door. Do I need to set up additional routines for her I presume?
  2. I’m going to be getting a “smart front door lock” and I am tracking my extended family members via life360, and I basically want to have the front door remain unlocked while one of my family members are visiting. But remain locked when only my wife and I are home and at night (even with visitors).

Any advice on how to set this sort of behavior up? I think that will help me better understand how to leverage the tools available in smartthings hub V2.

Thanks a ton!