Location.timeZone and zipCode are null

Where are these set? I’m having a problem because mine have apparently turned to undefined today. I added this in a SmartApp:

log.info "The time zone for this location is: ${location.timeZone}"
log.info "The zip code for this location: ${location.zipCode}"

and got:

10:56:57 PM: info The zip code for this location: null
10:56:57 PM: info The time zone for this location is: null

Sure enough, in the IDE the “My Location” shows my Time Zone as empty, but the ‘edit’ button there doesn’t give me the option to set it. I also just noticed that the times for Sunrise and Sunset (under ‘weather’) are now off by 5 hours (being that my timezone should be EST).

This used to be set correctly - up until yesterday. I did adjust the geofence area around my house this afternoon from within the app (before I upgraded to the 2.0.10 version).

Where is this set? @StrykerSKS has been helping me debug this.

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Definitely open a support ticket. But a quick fix might be to move your geofence and move it back.

I adjusted the geofence by a few feet – shrinking it really. I already tried adjusting it back to no avail.

I did realize the one Zip code setting: I have it set in the SmartWeather device to my WU PWS (pws:KMASOUTH47) for my BloomSky.

I’ll open the support ticket. Hopefully I’ll get more help than with the missing icons in the app on my fire tablet.

My house is on (crosses) the town (and county) line. I just checked the geofence an realized that it slightly crossed the town/county line. I moved it slightly so that it no longer crosses the town border (cutting off 150 sq.ft. of my property), but now I once again am seeing a Time Zone in the IDE.

Well, at least now it might make it easier for the team to troubleshoot and come up with a resolution!

This was probably the issue. Whatever service we use to give us the zip codes probably couldn’t provide one.

That makes sense. I really hate where I live! :tired_face:

I happened to catch this by accident: first I noticed something hadn’t polled for a while:

and looking into it I found a NullPointerException:

[quote=“slagle, post:6, topic:41584”]
Whatever service we use to give us the zip codes probably couldn’t provide one.
[/quote]Of course the ‘pin’ for the center of the geofence was clearly in only 1 town (1 zip code), so I’m surprised anything but that point is used to define the zipCode. Either way, both towns are (thankfully) in the same time zone!