Location.timeZone and zipCode are null

(John) #1

Where are these set? I’m having a problem because mine have apparently turned to undefined today. I added this in a SmartApp:

log.info "The time zone for this location is: ${location.timeZone}"
log.info "The zip code for this location: ${location.zipCode}"

and got:

10:56:57 PM: info The zip code for this location: null
10:56:57 PM: info The time zone for this location is: null

Sure enough, in the IDE the “My Location” shows my Time Zone as empty, but the ‘edit’ button there doesn’t give me the option to set it. I also just noticed that the times for Sunrise and Sunset (under ‘weather’) are now off by 5 hours (being that my timezone should be EST).

This used to be set correctly - up until yesterday. I did adjust the geofence area around my house this afternoon from within the app (before I upgraded to the 2.0.10 version).

Where is this set? @StrykerSKS has been helping me debug this.

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(Tim Slagle) #2

Definitely open a support ticket. But a quick fix might be to move your geofence and move it back.

(John) #3

I adjusted the geofence by a few feet – shrinking it really. I already tried adjusting it back to no avail.

I did realize the one Zip code setting: I have it set in the SmartWeather device to my WU PWS (pws:KMASOUTH47) for my BloomSky.

I’ll open the support ticket. Hopefully I’ll get more help than with the missing icons in the app on my fire tablet.

(John) #4

My house is on (crosses) the town (and county) line. I just checked the geofence an realized that it slightly crossed the town/county line. I moved it slightly so that it no longer crosses the town border (cutting off 150 sq.ft. of my property), but now I once again am seeing a Time Zone in the IDE.

(Sean Kendall Schneyer) #5

Well, at least now it might make it easier for the team to troubleshoot and come up with a resolution!

(Tim Slagle) #6

This was probably the issue. Whatever service we use to give us the zip codes probably couldn’t provide one.

(John) #7

That makes sense. I really hate where I live! :tired_face:

I happened to catch this by accident: first I noticed something hadn’t polled for a while:

and looking into it I found a NullPointerException:

(John) #8

[quote=“slagle, post:6, topic:41584”]
Whatever service we use to give us the zip codes probably couldn’t provide one.
[/quote]Of course the ‘pin’ for the center of the geofence was clearly in only 1 town (1 zip code), so I’m surprised anything but that point is used to define the zipCode. Either way, both towns are (thankfully) in the same time zone!