Location right, zip code wrong

Hello all,

I just noticed that my location in the Android app seems to be right on the google map, however in the IDE the zipcode is off by 6-8 miles, next town over in fact.

How is the updated?

Thanks in advance

Try moving the pin to another location, near where you live, and see if that updates it. Then you can move it back to your house. Might work.

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When I move the pin and save, it goes right back.

I just checked the coordinates in Google maps and it’s spot on

I will see what ST has to say

Thanks Bruce


That feature seems to be broken, at least on iOS. Didn’t try on Android.

It has been like that for me forever since day one but has never caused any issues. My location is right but the Ziip is not!

Got a reply from ST about my zipcode, they say it’s not used anywhere in the system other than on the IDE location page so they see it as aesthetics.

Also asked about shrinking the size of the geofence, they say 500ft is the current setting and anything smaller will cause issues in the system with detecting presence/away. 500ft, seriously…

Their suggestion was to by an Arrival Sensor (no surprise here) which detects presence directly to the hub and not based on your phone. I don’t want another fob hanging from key-ring


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The zip code that I have is an invalid zip code and I see an error in the logs when it tries to send a severe weather alert, so it IS used somewhere.