How does the Sunset Sunrise get location data?

I have a motion sensor that turns a light on between sunset and sun rise if there is motion. It is one hour off. I have another smart app for the outside lights that lets me enter the zip code and it is dead on. I read this about sunrise and sunset.

It claims that I need to set the geofence if there is no zip code option. I can not find any info on setting the geofence so it knows my time zone. Can anyone help. I am sure it has something to do with location settings on the phone then going in and pressing some button that is deep in the mobile app.

If it does pull location from my mobile phone, I also hope that when I travel to different time zones that lights do not move to that time zone.

Set your hub location:

It showed my house on the map so it knows my home location. I wonder why it was an hour off? The smart app I use for the outside lights is dead on. I used my zip code. This is using the ‘Smart Lighting’ app. You can not set a zip code.

That’s weird. What does the IDE show for your zip code?

It shows the correct zip code. This morning the light did not come on. Around 10:00am today the light started turning on. Something is very wrong. Here is how it is setup.

That is set to turn on the Cubby Light and set the level to 10% and it is triggered by motion.

That uses the Cubby Sensor when Motion starts and off after 3 minutes. Only when the Sun sets to when the Sun rises.

Here is a log of the bulb.

My sunrise time is 7:13am. The bulb turned on a 9:51am and many times after that. Am I doing something wrong?

I deleted the app and restarted. It seems to work now. I will find out later after sunset.

After testing over 2 days it is working now. You have to admit that the app is very flaky. If you look at the pictures and the log it clearly was not working.