Can someone explain timezones in ST to me?

I have Hubs in multiple timezones. When I see timestamps on events, what timezone is show for the event?

When I create a rule to turn on the lights at a specific time, what timezone is that? The timezone of the Hub? The timezone on my mobile device when I’m creating the rule?

I would love to see an option in ST that adds the timezone whenever it asks for a time or displays a time.


The time zone where your hub is located.

I thought that the timezone derived from where one has specified the Postal Code in the Hub location.

For me myself, as yet, I have not found a way to amend that postal code?

Same here, looked all over but havent found a way to change the zip code yet.

on your app. You can drag the little pin in the map and drop it anywhere in the world and the time zone will follow. The default is usually the location where you first hookup your hub.

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That changes your home location but you cant actually change just the zip code. I have my pin dropped right on my house but the zip code is wrong.

Not sure why yours like that. I just tried it and the zip code follow the pin location. I assume you check the zip code in IDE? Maybe give support a call.

Edit: just to be clear. All the event time you see on your phone is base on the time zone of your phone.

So I understand this:

  • The Hub determines it’s Timezone base on where the hub is located. To set the location, use the mobile app, select the “gear” icon on the “My Locations” screen, select the Map picture. Trying to drag and drop on this map on a mobile phone is impossibly hard. Is there an easier way to set the location? Is there a way just to enter an address? Is there a way to ask the Hub what timezone it thinks it’s in? Is there a way to ask the Hub what time it thinks it is now?

  • Rules use the Hub’s local Timezone. So if on my phone I set an action to run at 6:00pm, that means 6:00pm local time for the Hub. Correct?

  • When I look at the event times on the app on my phone, the event times are in my phones local timezone. I also checked on and event times there include the Timezone, and are in the Hub’s local Timezone. (So they are displayed differently on the Web site than in the app on my phone.) So a time on an event on my phone is in the phone’s local timezone, and a time on an event on is in the Hub’s local timezone. Correct?

  • So when on my phone I set a rule to execute at 6:00pm, that will execute at 6:00pm in the Hub’s local timezone but show up on my phone as an event with a time stamp that is whatever 6:00pm Hub time is in the phone’s local time. Correct? It will of course change as I travel around the world in different timezones with my phone.

Thank you.

It’s actually not that hard to drag the pin around with your phone. The map gets bigger when you tap around it and you can even zoom in. It’s the only way I know to set location. Pretty sure someone else here know a different way.
Rule will be set base on the time on your phone. So say you are using your phone to set a light on at 10pm. The light will be on base on your phone 10pm. The ide event time will be whatever time zone it was set to.

Drag, zoom, drop is fine for moving things around nearby but trying to find an address 1,000+ miles away it really doesn’t work.

The timezone thing is shambles in ST. At least in the UK, but I believe it is not any better anywhere else.

When I configure my routine to run at 11:29pm and then check the routine in the API I see the following:
timeOfDay 12:29 AM BST (BST is the timezone used in the UK in summer, not now)
Next Run Time 12:29:45 AM GMT (GMT is the right timezone for winter) - but why the hell is it 12:29, not 11:29?

So, it is all a joke. Not to mention at these event fire only once (at 12:29am, not 11:29pm) and never roll over to the next day.
I reported this to the support MONTHS ago - still no fix. Those guys seem to be quite incompetent.

Just following up on the posts above,

I’m based in the UK I’ve been having trouble with timings not firing. when I looked at the IDE my time zone was not registered and all times were in a US time-zone correct times but represented in the wrong time-zone, also the was no record of sunrise or sunset times.

So a quick drag of my location away, save and then back again on the mobile app and I now find my time zone is correct (if you assume Europe/London is GMT) and my sunrise sunset is now showing a time.

This looks like one of those nice quick fixes to a series of problems I’ve been having.

Hope that helps others

Hello I am new to ST. I am having the very same problem! My hub is in the uk, and I am working in Switzerland. Switzerland is 1 hour ahead of the U.K.

I have programmed the ST hub to my girlfriends living schedule, as she is living in the house in the UK!

Me, being here in Switzerland, has thrown all of the programming out by 1 hour!

For example : motion sensors set to enable at 8pm shown on my APP on my phone, will actually enable at 7pm UK time!

Is there a way to change this? I would like ST to actually use the hub as a reference ONLY! for the time, and not the app on my phone.

I know I could actually change my iPhone time back to the uk time whilst abroad, but I don’t really want to do this!

My app location pin is set correctly to my street in the UK

any ideas how to fix this?

I have the same issue when making edits to the system for my wife. When I am traveling away in a different time zone the fix will reference the app time not the hub time.

So far the fix j have found is either changing my phones time, or making the offset adjustment in my head.

And then when I return home I go through and re check the times and re initiate.

I hope this is something fixed over time.

My confusion was also arising during edits for my girlfriend back home. I have just played around with it again!

I found it was easier to change the time on my phone back to UK time, so that I could programme it like I was actually in the uk, then once I was finished, I changed the time back to Switzerland time!

Saves on making offset adjustments!

The times shown on the app will automatically adjust to the time zone set on the phone.

For example:- I changed the phone time to UK. Programmed a light turn on at 8PM. Changed the phone time zone back to Swiss time and it shows 9pm in the programming, which will fire the action 8pm UK time.

Swiss is +1hr over UK time.

It would be nice though, if when programming a time, it was the applied to the same timezone where the hub is located

I will check this evening how it handles the sunset command. If it uses the hubs data for sunset, or sunset time in Switzerland, where I am based at the moment!

I can confirm that it does use the timezone and sunset/sunrise local to the hub.

The ST SmartApp times just adjust to reflect the timezone in which you’re currently in!

It only really becomes confusing if you make adjustments whilst on a different time zone from where the hub is based.

Whilst away from home, if I wanted to program a light to turn on at 8pm UK time, when I am in Switzerland, which is 1 hour ahead, I would have to program it to turn on at 9pm whilst my phone is on the Swiss timezone!!

As mentioned on my previous post. Setting the phone temporary to the time zone in which the hub is based, stops the confusion!

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I cab confirm that it does NOT work. I am visiting my son in a Timezone 3 hours away. When I changed a rule to switch off my fish tank lights at home, it used my iPhone time and not the hub time. So the rule was wrong. The initial rule showed the hub time correctly. Also found its beter to manually set my phone time to hub time. But that’s a pain and I often check my devices to see if things are right home. Please fix this.

Seems to me this should be embedded in the firmware for time zone with the ability to sync to or other synchronize time setting over the internet. You would think someone from smartthings would resolve this by now.