Location / Presence not working? (14 Oct 2023)

Is anyone in else having issues with presence not working? It worked a few hours ago and now not detection when my wife and I are home.

Mine isn’t detecting my Android (pixel 6) but my wife’s iPhone is still working.

Both myself and my wife’s isn’t working. Both iPhones EU servers

My wife and I have Samsung Galaxy S21 phones. Both stopped working today in terms of location Presence.

ive been at home today but i have arrived a few times lol

Mine is mostly working (Samsung S20+ 5G) but it’s been spotty the last week or so.

One day it’ll work as expected, another day it’s a half hour off in triggering a routine based on arriving home after being away.

Unpredictable behaviour here in UK.
I think it’s something to do with Smartthings Find as just now I opened it and it refreshed which immediately located a phone which then ran an automation to say that person had arrived (when they were there the whole time).

Using phone for presence has been unreliable for ages but the issue seems to be latency - even with a sizeable geo location circle it takes too long to update. Starting Google Earth and clicking the locate button seems to immediately trigger ST to update as you can see the ST icon appear and the routines run.

The reliability of it working at all seems to have improved with android 14 but not the latency. Battery and background data settings are already unrestricted - something needs to be fixed to make the app detect location more frequently.

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