iOS presence not working (June 2023)

Since the latest app update (last week), I don’t think I’ve seen presence working on my iPhones. All of my routines had red exclamation points and needed to be adjusted. I did repair the routines, but I haven’t seen anything fire since.

Went in and did the trick I remember where you had to adjust the geolocation settings a tad, like open/narrow the radius or move the pin slightly. The settings seem to revert each time I open them back up.

Anyone else having issues?


I had the same issue, it appeared that the phones had been renamed in the app as I used to be able to tell which one was which. Now the are just called iPhone.

After updating the routines everything worked correctly.

Many people report that ST presence detection has been unreliable on both iOS and Android off and on for many months. Some report that turning off location tracking for a device and then re-enabling it fixes it. Others have given up and moved to other methods for location tracking. Here is a thread about presence detection in 2023

Presence in 2023, including multiple members and multiple locations

You should probably open a ticket with ST Support for them to do a deeper investigation and to add to the growing list of folks who are experiencing this issue.

Mine has worked flawlessly for many months now, perhaps a year or longer.

I think something has changed in HOW it works. My two routines would set virtual presence sensors based upon “member location”. What I’m realizing now is that I’m not sure I’ve set up the condition for “away” properly… I have the Where? option set to “home” and the When? option set to “away from home”.

I think it gotten worse since the update. I used to be able to get it to work by leaving the app open. Now that doesn’t seem to work. It’s hit or miss now, even with the app open. iOS 15.7.6 IPhone 7+

Hi all. I figured it out. When the routines got messed up after the last updated, I accidentally used my virtual presence sensor rather than member location as the condition for the routines. Essentially creating a circular reference. Got it fixed now.

One thing I’ve noticed as well with the app “upgrade”. The old presence now is flagged that device has been removed (a new feature I think), and I had to add a new condition to my “at home” routine, which allows me to link to my iphone again and delete the old nonfunctional condition. BTW, the iphone shows up on the legacy IDE, the API, but not in the app device search. Also a few months ago, I realized that the IDE was not counting my Iphone, but the API does, so the number of devices by these two inquiry methods differs by one.