Location no longer working to trigger smartlighting (May 2021)

Evening folks. I’ve got SmartThings set via Smart Lighting automation to activate an evening lighting scene upon arrival if in night mode. My history is telling my that night mode is being activated, I’ve double checked the address, and my location privacy permissions are set correctly in iOS. It seems though that in the last few months this feature no longer works to activate the scene upon my arrival. Any suggestions for additional things to check?

Are you on the hub beta firmware program?

You may want to post a screenshot of your automation. Blackout any sensitive info in it before posting if needed.

No not on the firmware beta program. Do you think that would be helpful?

Thanks jkp. Here’s a screenshot. The blocked out information is my name and address (location).

Have you tried deleting the automation and re-building it? They migrated scenes and automations to the new Rule API a couple months ago, something may have gotten crossed up then.

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Thank you! I think that did the trick. I should have thought of that, but I appreciate the idea. Very helpful.

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